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August 18 - first day of school



Some students who received 300% or more of their Reading Counts Points were recognized at the School Board meeting.

All of the OES students who accomplished this are Savannah Knight, Holden Comer, Lily Steinbeck, Grace Abell, Anya Binkhoelter, Kate Blankenship, Gracie Engelbrecht, Layni Heidbreder,  Harm Rademacher, Vincent Cooper, Eliana Maurer, Lindsey Oberle,TC Fisher, Luc Guerrero,  Tyler Heidbrink, Kolby Jahnsen, Julianna Bayless, Mekayla Gibson, TJ Whelan, Erica Neal

After School Strive and Community

Congratulations to Pam Idel and students who made a video about Strive and won a $500.00 grant in a contest


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