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Principal’s Welcome


Welcome to Owensville High School and the excitement and adventure of your High School years.


We are very proud of the long and storied tradition of Owensville High School and now is your time to leave an indelible mark of success and learning to this wonderful program.


Our hope is that each one of you will immerse yourself in the many opportunities that are available and in the process grow in leadership skills and foster an understanding of social responsibility and learning that will pay you huge dividends in your future.


As you embark on this journey I would encourage you to represent yourself, your family and this community with DIGNITY, CLASS AND RESPECT.  Your record now becomes a part of your lifelong portfolio of achievement; we will do everything possible to make this an experience you will cherish forever.


Go Dutchmen!



Kurt Keller





                We believe it is the responsibility of the Gasconade County R-2 High School to provide each student with the opportunity to receive the best education possible in an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.  We believe it is the responsibility of every educator to challenge all students and assist them in developing to their fullest potential, not only intellectually but also physically and socially.  We believe learning opportunities, resources, and activities should be available that will encourage and facilitate students to develop the cognitive and technical skills needed to enter the work force or continue their education after high school graduation.  We also believe it is the responsibility of every educator to help students learn how to become credible, functional members of society.





                It is the mission of the Gasconade County R-2 High School to provide the opportunity for each student to develop the cognitive, technical, and social skills needed to function successfully in today's society.





Statement of Policy




                The purpose of this policy is to provide rules and regulations which guarantee every student a fair educational opportunity.  This is in keeping with the philosophy that an individual's rights end when they infringe upon others.  Please remember education is a cooperative enterprise between the student, the parent, and the school.



                The discipline of the school is the direct responsibility of the administration with constant assistance of all faculty in maintaining proper order at all times in the school, during school-sponsored activities, or during intermissions or recess periods.

                Students will be expected to follow the directions and reasonable demands of all school personnel (Administrators, Teachers, Teacher-Aids, Secretaries, Custodians, Bus Drivers, and Cooks).

                The initials I.S.S. will represent the term In-School-Suspension and Out-of-School Suspension will be referred to as O.S.S. or simply as suspension.



                When a student is sent to the office for disciplinary action, parents will be contacted.  Failure to report to the office on request will cause suspension.  Students who walk out of class without permission will be assigned in school suspension or suspended from school.  Any student suspended out of school is not allowed to attend any Gasconade County R-2 School District event, activity, or function during the time of the suspension.



                The administration has the right to deviate from the stated penalties when circumstances are extremely serious and situations unique enough in nature to dictate change in this policy.



                It will be the policy to double the consequences when a student misbehaves when a substitute teacher is on duty.  Example:  if a the consequence for student behavior is normally 1 day of ISS, 2 days of ISS will be assigned if a substitute teacher was present.



                The Student Code of Conduct is designed to foster student responsibility, respect for the rights of others, and to ensure the orderly operation of district schools.  No code can be expected to list each and every offense, which may result in the use of disciplinary action.  However, it is the purpose of this code to list certain offenses, which, if committed by a student, will result in the imposition of a certain disciplinary action. Any conduct not included herein, or an aggravated circumstance of any offense or an action involving a combination of offenses may result in disciplinary consequences that extend beyond this code of conduct as determined by the principal, superintendent and/or Board of Education.  In extraordinary circumstances where the minimum consequence is judged by the superintendent or designee to be manifestly unfair or not in the interest of the district, the superintendent or designee may reduce the consequences listed in this policy, as allowed by law.  This code includes, but is not necessarily limited to, acts of students on school playgrounds, parking lots, and school buses or at a school activity whether on or off school property.




                All students will be afforded due process as guaranteed by constitutional provisions.  The process will be in accordance with state law and with the provisions outlined in the Board's policies and regulations on student suspension and student expulsion.


Any student suspended is entitled to due process.

1.             To know the reasons for his/her suspension (written and oral).

2.             To know the kinds and sources of evidence against him/her.

3.             To tell his/her side of the story.

4.             If suspended more than 10 days, he/she is entitled to a hearing by the superintendent of schools.

5.             Suspensions for more than 10 days are stayed by filing an appeal unless the superintendent determines the student presents a danger to persons or property or an ongoing threat of disruption of the academic process.


File: JFA Critical



                No person employed by or volunteering on behalf of the Gasconade County R-2 School District shall administer corporal punishment upon a student attending district schools.


                A staff member may, however, use reasonable physical force against a student without advance notice to the principal, if it is essential for self-defense, the preservation of order, or for the protection of other persons or the property of the school district.


File:  JGA Critical


Offenses and Consequences


ARSON - Starting a fire or causing an explosion with the intention to damage property or building.


First Offense:                                10-180 days out-of-school suspension or expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and documentation in student's discipline record.


Subsequent Offense:                   Expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and documentation in student's discipline record.


ASSAULT - Attempting to cause injury to another person; intentionally placing a person in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury.


First Offense:                                3 days out-of-school or expulsion, notice to law enforcement officials, and documentation in the student's discipline record.

Subsequent Offense:                   10-180 days out-of-school suspension or expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and documentation in student's discipline record.


Threats to kill, or cause serious physical injury to another.

First Offense:                                Immediate 10 day suspension/referral to the Superintendent of schools and law enforcement.


Attempting to kill or cause serious physical injury to another.

First Offense:                                Expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and documentation in student's

                                                        discipline record.

AUTOMOBILE/VEHICLE MISUSE – driving and parking on school property are privileges granted by the Board of Education to persons who have reasons to be in the schools or on school property.  Students are expected to use all acceptable courtesies and safe driving practices on and around school property. Students who fail to operate a motor vehicle in a safe, orderly manner or fail to follow driving and parking regulations (page 22) will be subject to the following consequences:


First Offense:            Warning, in-school suspension, or out-of-school suspension.

Second Offense:       Loss of driving and parking privileges on all school district property for 5 school days.

Third Offense:          Loss of driving and parking privileges on all school district property for the remainder of the school year.


BULLYING - Intentional intimidation or infliction of physical, emotional, or mental harm (see Policy 2655)

First Offense: 10 - 30 days out-of-school suspension

Subsequent Offense: 180 days out-of-school suspension to expulsion

BUS MISCONDUCT -Any offense committed by a student on a district-owned or contracted bus shall be punished in the same manner as if the offense had been committed at the student's assigned school.  In addition, bus-riding privileges may be suspended or revoked.  If a student chooses to break a rule, the driver writes a referral to the principal and the following consequences are applied depending upon the severity of the incident. (See page 17 for bus regulations)


First Offense:        Warning and or ISS and parents contacted.

Second Offense:   I.S.S. or 3 days off all district transportation.

Third Offense:      5 days off all district transportation.

Fourth Offense:    10 days off all district transportation.

Fifth Offense:        Removal from all school district transportation for the remainder to the current school year.




CHEATING - Students learn from doing their own work. Copying another person's work, allowing another student to use your work, using a cheat sheet for a test, plagiarism, or any other inappropriate means of gaining an unfair advantage will result in the following consequences.


First Offense:        Zero for the test or assignment, referred to principal, and parents notified.

Second Offense:   Zero for the test or assignment, 1 day I.S.S. and parent conference.

Third Offense:      Zero for the test or assignment, 3 days out-of-school suspension.


COPYING MATERIAL FOR DISTRIBUTION – Students cannot use school equipment or bring in copies of material for distribution without prior approval from the school’s administration.           


First Offense:        Restitution and warning or 1 –3 days I.S.S. or suspension.

Second Offense:   Restitution and 5 days I.S.S. or suspension.

Third Offense:      Restitution and 10 days I.S.S. or suspension.


DISPARAGING OR DEMEANING LANGUAGE -Use of words or actions, verbal, written or symbolic meant to harass or injure another person; i.e., threats of violence or defamation of a person's race, religion, gender or ethnic origin.  Constitutionally protected speech will not be punished.


First Offense:        Warning or 1 day in-school suspension

Second Offense:   3 days in-school suspension

Third Offense:      5 days in-school suspension

Fourth Offense:    10 days out-of-school suspension.


DISPLACED STUDENT –Students are expected to be in their assigned classroom under the supervision of their assigned teacher.  If a student is on school property but is not in his/her assigned classroom and does not have permission from a faculty member to be in a different location other than his/her assigned area, he/she will be considered to be a “displaced student” and will be assigned discipline. Students who leave school grounds without prior permission from the office will be considered truant.


First Offense:        1 to 3 days of in-school suspension

Second Offense:   3 to 5 days of in-school suspension


DISRESPECTFUL CONDUCT OR SPEECH DIRECTED AT A STAFF MEMBER -Rude and disrespectful verbal, written or symbolic language or gesture, which is inappropriate to public settings, directed at a staff member.


First Offense:        2 days of ISS or out-of-school suspension

Second Offense:   3 days of ISS or out-of-school suspension

Third Offense:      5 days of ISS or out-of-school suspension 


FLAGRANT DISRESPECTFUL CONDUCT OR SPEECH DIRECTED AT A STAFF MEMBER – Profane language, obscene gesture, and/or threats of violence directed at a staff member. 


First Offense:        10 days out-of-school suspension

Second Offense:   10 to 180 days of out-of-school suspension or expulsion.


                If students believe a teacher is treating them unfairly we encourage them to seek assistance from a counselor or administrator.  We expect everyone to treat each other with mutual respect and fairness.  Remember, if a teacher upsets you, remain calm and respectful and see your counselor or principal. 


DISRUPTIVE SPEECH OR CONDUCT -Physical or verbal conduct, written or symbolic language, which materially and substantially disrupts classroom work, school activities or school functions.  Insolence, insubordination, leaving class without permission, taunting other students or any type of inappropriate behavior, which disrupts the class, school activity, or school function.


First Offense:        Warning or 1 day in-school suspension

Second Offense:   2 days in-school suspension

Third Offense:      3 days in-school suspension and a parent conference

Fourth Offense:    3 days out-of-school suspension and possible removal from the class.

***Severe disruptive speech or conduct will result in 3 or more days of out-of-school suspension.


DRESS CODE VIOLATIONS -Failure to abide by the student dress code (listed on page 20-21 of this handbook):


First Offense:        Warning and change clothing

Second Offense:   1 day of I.S.S. and change clothing

Third Offense:      2 days of I.S.S. and change clothing




A.   Possession of or attendance under the influence of any unauthorized prescription drug, alcohol, narcotic substance, counterfeit drugs or drug-related paraphernalia, including controlled substances and illegal drugs defined as substances identified under schedules I, II, III, IV, or V in section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act.


First Offense:                        10-180 days out-of-school suspension, notification to law enforcement officials, documentation in student's discipline record, and referral to superintendent.

Subsequent Offense:           Expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and documentation in student's discipline record.

*Students may be required to submit to breath analyzer testing when reasonable suspicion is present.


B.  Sale, purchase or distribution of alcohol. 


First Offense:                        25 to 180 days out of school suspension.  Notification to law enforcement officials, documentation in the student discipline record, and referral to superintendent.


C.  Sale, purchase or distribution of any prescription drug, narcotic substance, counterfeit drug or drug related paraphernalia, including controlled substances and illegal drugs defined as substances under schedules I, II, III, IV, or V in section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act.


First Offense:                        90 to 180 day suspension or expulsion.  Notification to law enforcement officials, documentation in student-discipline record, and referral to superintendent.




ELECTRONIC DEVICES – You should only bring articles to school that will be used for educational purposes in your classes.  Items that distract from the learning process or well being of other students are not allowed at school (examples:  laser pointers, radios, tape players, walkmans, trading cards, skateboards, beepers, etc.).  Cell phones are permitted as long as they are turned off and out of sight.  Cell phones are NOT to be used unless the student is supervised by an administrator while they are using it.


First Offense:                        1 day I.S.S. and confiscation.

Second Offense:                   2 days ISS and confiscation

Third Offense:                      3 days I.S.S. and confiscation

Confiscated items will not be returned to the student.  Parents may retrieve confiscated items from the school office.


EXTORTION -Threatening or intimidating any student for the purpose of obtaining money or anything of value.


First Offense:                        In-school suspension, or 1-10 days out-of-school suspension.

Subsequent Offense:           In-school suspension, 1-180 days out-of-school suspension,

                                                or expulsion.


FALSE ALARMS - Tampering with emergency equipment, setting off false alarms, making false reports.


First Offense:                        10 days out-of-school suspension, notification of law enforcement, and referral to

                                                the superintendent.

Subsequent Offense:           10-180 days out-of-school suspension or expulsion and notification of law enforcement.



FIGHTING -Mutual combat in which both parties have contributed to the conflict either verbally or by physical action.

                Fighting is inexcusable conduct on the part of the student, unless it can be proved he/she is acting strictly in self-defense.  We feel it represents a violent and vicious way to solve differences and we must have strict rules to govern the result of such actions. 

                Students who verbally incite, threaten, intimidate, or encourage participation of such behavior are considered just as guilty as the student who becomes the aggressor.


First Offense:        3 days suspension and a conference with a parent.

Second Offense:   5 days suspension and a conference with a parent.

Third Offense:      10 days suspension and a conference with a parent.

Fourth Offense:    10-180 days suspension or expulsion and referral to superintendent.

All physical acts of violence are reported to the appropriate law enforcement officials as required by the Missouri Safe Schools Act.


HALLWAY MISCONDUCT -Students are expected to be quiet and orderly in the hall. They should keep congestion to a minimum and always be courteous to others.  Pushing, shoving and any other type of boisterous behavior can't be tolerated.


First Offense:        Warning and office documentation.

Second Offense:   1 day in-school suspension

Third Offense:      3 days in-school suspension


INAPPROPRIATE ACTIONS -Actions such as pushing/shoving and/or verbal altercations between students, which resemble a physical altercation, have no place at school or school activities.


First Offense:        1 day in-school suspension

Second Offense:   2 days in-school suspension

Third Offense:      3 days in-school suspension.


LOITERING -No loitering in restrooms, vending machine hallway, or unsupervised areas will be allowed at any time.  Vandalism and other problems tend to increase where loitering exists.


First Offense:        Warning and documented at the office.

Second Offense:   1 day in-school suspension

Third Offense:      2 days in-school suspension


MISUSE OF SCHOOL EQUIPMENT AND THE INTERNET -The improper or unauthorized use of school equipment including all school owned property, copy machines, computers and the Internet will be subject to the following disciplinary action.


First Offense:        Restitution/and or loss of privileges and warning or 1 - 3 days I.S.S.

Second Offense:   Restitution/and or loss of privileges and 5 days I.S.S. or suspension.

Third Offense:      Restitution/and or loss of privileges and 10 days I.S.S. or suspension.


"MOONING" OR "DEPANTSING" -Removing one's clothing to expose one's buttocks to others, or removing another persons clothing to humiliate or embarrass that person is extremely inappropriate behavior and violators will be suspended.


First Offense:        3 days of out-of-school suspension

Second Offense:   10 days of out-of-school suspension


NO DRESS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION -This no dress policy is for all Physical Education classes. Students will be sent to the office for the third and each subsequent no dress.


3rd No Dress in a semester:                                                 Warning and conference with administrator

4th No Dress and each subsequent No Dress:                 One day of I.S.S.


POSSESSION OF INAPPROPRIATE, UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS -Possession of pocketknives, lighters, matches, hunting equipment, or other unacceptable items at school or in vehicles on school grounds will be penalized as follows:


First Offense:                        Warning and confiscation.

Second Offense:                   1 day I.S.S. and confiscation

Third Offense:                      3 days I.S.S. and confiscation

Parents may retrieve confiscated items during the school year.


PROFANITY-The use of vulgar and inappropriate language or cuss words at school will not be tolerated.


First Offense:  Warning or 1-5 days of in-school suspension

Second Offense:  1-5 days of in-school suspension


PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION -Physical contact which is inappropriate for the school setting, including, but not limited to, kissing and groping.


First Offense:                        Warning - Principal/student conference

Second Offense:                   1 day in-school suspension

Third offense:                       3 days in-school suspension


SEXUAL HARASSMENT -Words spoken or written, symbolic language or physical conduct of a sexual nature which is unwelcome, hostile, intimidating, and harassing.


First Offense:                        Principal/student conference, in-school suspension, 1-180 days out-of-school suspension, or expulsion, and documentation in student's discipline record.

Subsequent Offense:           In-school suspension, 1-180 days out-of-school suspension,

                                                or expulsion, and documentation in student's discipline record.


TARDY TO CLASS – Arriving to class or school late.  A little late is too late.  Students have adequate time to move from one classroom to another and are expected to be in their seats ready for class work when the final bell rings. (See page 42 for further explanation)


6 - 9 Tardies to any class in a semester:                       One morning detention assigned

Each additional Tardy in a semester:                            Two morning detentions assigned


Failure to serve detention, the student will be assigned one day of ISS per detention.


THEFT -Attempted theft or willful possession of stolen property.


First Offense:                        Restitution and 5 days in-school or out-of-school suspension, and possible notification to law enforcement officials.


Subsequent Offense:           Restitution, 10-180 days out-of-school suspension or expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and referral to superintendent.


TOBACCO -Use or possession of any tobacco products on school grounds, bus or at any school activity.


First Offense:                        3 days in-school suspension            

Second Offense:                   5 days in-school suspension

Third Offense:                      3 days out-of-school suspension


TRUANCY -Absences from school without the knowledge and consent of parents/guardian and/or the school administration; excessive non-justifiable absences, even with the consent of parents/guardians.


                The school will check absences and students found truant (missing school, for any time period, without parental permission and/or adequate justification) will be subject to disciplinary action.  Any students who leave school grounds after being brought to the school by bus or other transportation will be considered truant whether or not they are able to return to school before the tardy bell rings.  Any student, who leaves a classroom without teacher permission, before the bell to release rings, will be considered displaced.  (see p. 6)


                In each case of truancy a parent conference will be necessary in addition to:


First Offense:                        3 days in-school suspension

Second Offense:                   5 days in-school suspension

Third Offense:                      10 days in-school suspension


**The Compulsory Attendance Law requires all students to attend school until the age of 16 years.  Students under 16 years of age will be reported to the juvenile officer when they are truant.


VANDALISM -Willful damage or the attempt to cause damage to real or personal property belonging to the school, staff, or students during or after school hours, on campus or off.


First Offense:                        Restitution and 5 days in-school or out-of-school suspension, notification to law enforcement, and documentation in student's discipline record.


Subsequent Offense:           10-180 days out-of-school suspension or expulsion, notification to law enforcement officials, and documentation in student's discipline record.


WEAPONS -Possession or use of a weapon by any person, except where authorized by law, shall be prohibited in all school buildings, on or about school grounds, and at all school activities.  Weapon shall be defined as any instrument or device used to threaten, attack another, or in defense against an opponent, adversary, or victim; or any instrument or device used to inflict physical injury or harm to another person.  Possession or use of a firearm as defined in 18 U.S.C.921, 18 U.S.C. 930 (g)(2) or any instrument or device defined in S571.010, RSMo.


First Offense:                        Referral to law enforcement officials Suspension/expulsion.

                                                Refer to policy JFCJ of the Gasconade County R-2 Policy Manual.





- Purpose -

In school suspension is designed to be an alternative form of discipline with the following objectives:

1.        To examine and make appropriate changes in their attitude and behavior that is disrupting their educational program.

2.        To provide an in-school program, for students who would normally be given out-of-school suspension, which allows them their educational experience and school attendance.  Credit is given for satisfactory work completed while in I.S.S.

3.        To encourage students to complete their educational program by staying in school and completing assignments.


- Procedures -

1.        Housed in the high school for grades 6-12.

2.        The in-school suspension program will be supervised by certified teachers.

3.        Reasons for referrals as explained in this student handbook and as deemed necessary by the administration.  Physical confrontations (fighting) will not be placed in I.S.S. (Suspension only).

4.        Inductive procedures into I.S.S.

                A.  A discipline contract will be sent home with the student on the same day he/she was disciplined by the Principal or Assistant Principal. This contract is to be read and signed by the parents.  A copy of the discipline contract will also be mailed to the parents as a follow up procedure to make sure the parents are informed.  The student must return the signed discipline contract to the I.S.S. teacher on the first day of his/her I.S.S. assignment.  Failure to return the signed discipline contract can result in additional I.S.S. time.

                B.  Assignment to I.S.S. will begin immediately pending written or verbal parent notification and available space.

                C.  Students will bring with them:

                                - All textbooks from all courses in which they are enrolled.

                                - Supplies:  notepaper, pencils, erasers, pens, etc.

                D.  When arriving at I.S.S., students will be handed:

                                - Assignments from teachers and material to be completed.

                                - A list of regulations and time schedules for I.S.S. and an assignment to a seat.

5.        I.S.S. time is an all-day classroom study time.  Students will be productive in course assignments and assignments will be completed before the student is released from I.S.S.  Grades are given for all work completed in I.S.S. by the regular classroom teachers.

6.        Regulations (time schedules and rules):

                A.  I.S.S. students will remain in the assigned seat for the entire day and must receive permission from the I.S.S. teacher before leaving their seat for any reason.  Students are dismissed at 3:16 p.m. by the teacher.

                B.  Days spent in the I.S.S. will not be counted against the student's attendance.

                C.  Students assigned to I.S.S. will report to the I.S.S. room immediately upon arrival at school.  I.S.S. students will not be permitted to go to their lockers.  They should have textbooks and writing materials with them upon arrival at school.

                D.  Students won't be allowed to sleep or talk and extended time will be added for any infractions. I.S.S. students will eat in the I.S.S. room; this is the only time food is allowed.  They may bring their lunch or purchase a school lunch, but no soft drinks will be allowed. Students who bring their lunch will be able to purchase milk.

E.  Students in I.S.S. are excluded from all assemblies, field trips, contests, C.O.E., A.O.E., Internship, attendance of Rolla and extra-curricular activities until the I.S.S. assignment is completed.  This will include weekend activities if the I.S.S. assignment is such that a Friday and Monday are scheduled.

                F.  Students must promptly exit the school after dismissal from I.S.S. Students who have not completed their I.S.S. assignment are not allowed to return to school until the next day.

G.  At least 3 times during the I.S.S. day, students will be given the opportunity to make use of the drinking fountain and restrooms.

H.  Students who fail to report directly to the I.S.S. room upon arrival at school or who fail to attend on the days assigned will have additional time in I.S.S.  Excused absences will delay, not eliminate, I.S.S. detention and the time must be served upon return to school.  Medical excuses from a physician could be required for absences on I.S.S. days.

                I.  Students are graded daily on a merit system and could earn an early release for hard work and a positive, cooperative attitude.  The I.S.S. teacher will make a recommendation to the principal for a student to receive an early release.  The principal will approve or deny the release.

                J.  Students must serve the assigned I.S.S. time before they are allowed back in the regular school program.  I.S.S. is used only as an alternative to out-of-school suspension.  A student who refuses to attend I.S.S. will be suspended from school, then serve his/her I.S.S. upon returning to school.

                K.  The administration has the right to deviate from the above policy and penalties as circumstances, unique enough in nature, would dictate a change in policy.


After 3 separate I.S.S. assignments for classroom misconduct during the school year, out-of-school suspension may be enforced.


Academic Attendance Policy


I.                     Attendance Policy Principles


A.      The Gasconade County R-2 School Board finds that regular school and classroom attendance is essential to satisfactory achievement within the school district’s curriculum and that attendance has an independent academic value which examinations or other evaluations do not fully measure.  Consistent attendance by all students also has a profound positive effect on the district’s resources, which in turn affects the quality of instruction and student achievement district-wide.

B.       Students who fail to meet the district’s standards for attendance are presumed to have failed to satisfy a necessary academic prerequisite to credit or promotion, unless the instructional staff of the district review the student’s case as provided in Part III of this policy and find that the student has academically mitigated the effect of the absences.

C.       To earn a passing grade or credit in a credit-based course, students who have missed school in excess of six (6) days per semester must have their individual cases considered under Part III of this policy.  In the high school the six (6) absences are per class.

1.        Transfer students joining courses at mid-term operate on a pro-rate limit rounded to the next whole day.

2.        Students receiving supervised and school-sponsored/approved homebound instruction will be treated as if they were in attendance.  Homebound instruction requires five (5) consecutive days of absence before services can be provided.

D.      Attendance or absences will be calculated on an hourly basis.  The following limits are established for individual case consideration under the policy:                                           

Minutes to Hours:                                   Hours to Days:

25 minutes = 1hour absent                     6 hours = 1 day absent

E.     Truancy – Students who are absent without a valid parental or administrative approval will be considered truant.  All truancies will be considered as a violation of the Disciplinary Policy and result in actions by the school administration and/or the Gasconade County Prosecuting Attorney and/or the Gasconade County Juvenile Authorities.

F.  Tardiness – is any unexcused absence from a class when it starts.  Students are expected to be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.  Tardiness of twenty minutes or more is considered an absence.  Tardies will be used in determining student attendance in accordance with this Academic Attendance Policy.  For the purpose of determining attendance, six (6) tardies accumulated in a semester will be equal to one (1) day of absence.  Tardies are cumulative, not in each individual class.  Students will serve time in night school for excessive tardies.


II.                   Make-up and Alternative Assignments


A.      While the district’s academic standards include the benefits of regular attendance, students’ long-term interests require a fair opportunity to meet the district’s academic expectations in an alternative manner.

B.       Students who have been absent from instruction will have double the amount of time missed to make-up assignments and/or complete additional or alternative assignments designed to substitute for missed instruction, as provided in this policy.

C.       On the day the student returns from an absence, he/she will be required to take any tests that were scheduled and announced prior to the absence.  Tests scheduled and announced during the absence will be treated the same as any other make-up work. 

D.      When students are absent, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to contact the school to verify the student’s absence.  If the parent does not contact the school, or if the student does not bring a note within 24 hours of the absence, it will result in the absence being treated as truancy (3 days of ISS).  Once the ISS papers have been drawn, a student will be required to serve a minimum of 1 day of ISS even if an excuse from home is forthcoming, after the fact.

E.       When a student is absent for the third time in a semester, a letter will be sent to the home notifying the parent/guardian of their student’s attendance status.  When a student is absent beyond the absences limit, the school will review the case and determine if supporting agencies such as Division of Family Services, Juvenile Office, or the Prosecutor’s Office should be contacted.

F.       Since the impairment of academics caused by absences is not dependent upon the reason for the absence, there will be no categorical list of excused or unexcused absences.  However, a student’s incapacity or other reasonable inability to devote time and effort to school work may be considered when determining what is, or was, a fair opportunity to satisfy academic requirements by alternative means.  Absences that occur without parental knowledge or consent will be considered truancy.

G.       So that disciplinary action will not unnecessarily impact academic evaluation, a student who is removed from school under disciplinary suspension for not more than ten (10) days will be provided a fair opportunity to do make-up or alternative assignments and evaluations during each such suspension and receive 75% credit,   so that if the student chooses to take responsibility for doing the work, the student will be able to remain relatively current with his/her classes.  This may be accomplished by attendance at the district alternative school.  However, the student must attend at least 90% of the assigned time or no credit will be given.  Absences for disciplinary reasons count toward the limit triggering academic review under Part III of this Policy. 


III.                 Academic Review/Alternative School


A.      Regardless of whether a student has kept current with all missed assignments or not, when a student fails to meet the district’s academic attendance standards as established by this policy, the superintendent will ensure that each student’s case is reviewed by appropriate members of administrative and professional instructional staff.

B.       Students who miss in excess of the attendance limit could be considered as “at risk” of potential failure, retention, and/or eventually becoming a dropout.  In order to assist all students in school success, the district offers Evening Alternative School for academic review, study, and preparation for academic programs.  After exceeding the absences limit, all days must be made up during Evening Alternative School or Summer School (if available).

C.       Evening Alternative School meets during the regular school year on Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.  Students may make up one absence by attending two evenings of alternative school.  Students will receive an “incomplete” at the end of the semester until the attendance requirements have been met.

D.      Students who do not take advantage of Evening Alternative School will not receive credit for the semester in which they fail to meet the attendance policy requirements.  Students will be eligible to attend Summer School to make up credit.

E.       Students who attend Evening Alternative School must adhere to the following regulations:

1.        Students will be expected to stay awake and participate in the learning activities to earn credit for attendance.

2.        Students who are uncooperative, disruptive, or create a discipline problem will be asked to leave and attend another session at a later date.

3.        Students who are not able to attend a session at the starting time will be required to wait and attend another session.


IV.                Appeals Process

A.      The Academic Attendance Program is designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to be successful in school.  The program is also designed to provide parents and students with flexibility to meet the attendance requirements.

B.       Individuals who do not think they fall under the attendance policy or require a waiver should appeal directly to the superintendent of schools.  The superintendent will review the case and make a decision within five (5) working days. 

C.       Individuals may appeal the superintendent’s decision to the Board of Education for review.  The Board of Education will review the information their decision will be final.




                Failure to bring a note, explaining the reason, excusing the absence will result in an unexcused absence for the day/days missed and treated as a truancy (3 days in I.S.S.). Once the I.S.S. papers have been drawn, a student will be required to serve a minimum of 1 day I.S.S. even if an excuse from home is forthcoming, after the fact. If a student fails to bring a note on their return to school they will be given 24 hours to correct the problem. Excessive unexcused absences will be reported to the Division of Family Services.

                When students are reported absent, the parent might be called, unless school has been notified by the parent, as to the cause of the absence prior to the absence.




     The school will check absences and students found truant (missing school, for any period, without parent permission and/or adequate justification) will be subject to disciplinary action.  Any student who leaves school grounds without permission after being brought to the school by bus or other transportation will be considered truant whether or not he or she is able to return to school before the tardy bell rings.  Any student, who leaves class without teacher permission, before the bell to release rings, will be considered displaced.  Discipline will be administered as stated in student handbook.




              For attendance purposes, a high school student is considered in attendance for a class period if he/she is present for a majority of the official class period time.  Students who are not present for at least one-half of the class period will be marked absent.  Students who miss in excess of six classes of the same class will have to make up time in alternative school (see attendance policy, p. 13).




              Students who find it necessary to leave during the day must present a letter from the parent to the principal or secretary, before the first hour begins, for approval.  Only those notes approved before first hour begins will be accepted.  The student must sign in upon his/her return. In an emergency a telephone call from the parent could substitute for a letter.  Parents will greatly aid the school in meeting students' needs if they will not ask to have them excused during the day except in cases of extreme emergency.  Appointments, purchasing of supplies, or fixing cars should be taken care of before or after school.




1.           Freshmen will not be allowed to sign out unless a parent or guardian comes, personally, to the school office to sign them out.

2.           Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be allowed to sign out under the following conditions:                             

              A.          If a parent or guardian comes to the office to sign the student out.

              B.          Alternatively, if a written request from the parent or guardian is received in the office before first period begins on the day in which the student is to sign-out, we will make arrangements to dismiss the student at the appropriate time.

              C.          Emergency - a telephone call from the parent could substitute for the letter.

              D.          Students who are 18 years or older must also have parental permission if they reside with their parents.

              E.           Non-emergency - So as not to interrupt instructional time we can dismiss students only during the time when they are changing classes or when they are at lunch.  Students follow a special lunch period schedule, between 10:59 and 12:24, dividing them into three groups.




                Students who do not attend school due to suspension shall not be permitted to make up their work.  All suspensions will be treated as unexcused absences.  Students will receive a grade of "0" for any work missed during a period of suspension unless they attend evening alternative school.  These days during a suspension are added to the 12-day limit per year.  Students who attend evening alternative school while they are suspended will receive credit for the work they complete while at alternative school and suspended.  Work not complete will receive a grade of “0” and treated as if the student did not attend alternative school.  When returning to school, after a suspension, students must report to the office for an admit slip before they may return to their classes.





                Students who are going on a field trip or are missing part of the school day (leaving school early) due to a school related activity (athletic contest, choir contest, etc.) are responsible for obtaining their assignments ahead of time.  When the students return to their normal class schedule they should have assignments completed and be prepared for class.  It is the students’ responsibility to meet with their teachers and request their assignments prior to the school related absence.  Students who fail to do this will be subject to the normal classroom procedures for late or incomplete work.






ACT TEST DATES AND INFORMATION            2005 – 2006


REGISTRATION DEADLINE                                                           TEST DATES

SEPTEMBER 16                                                                                   OCTOBER 22                                                       

NOVEMBER 4                                                                                      DECEMBER 10

JANUARY 6                                                                                         FEBRUARY 11

MARCH 3                                                                                             APRIL 8

MAY 5`                                                                                                  JUNE 10


              Students can obtain an ACT packet from the counselor's office or register online at www.act.org.  The ACT forms must be filled out and mailed in along with fee, prior to the registration date deadline.  The fee increases to process a late registration.

              The Gasconade County R-2 High School will be an official ACT test site for the 2005-2006 school year.  The Gasconade County R-2 High School code is 262-520.




              Giving medicine to students during school hours shall be discouraged and restricted to necessary medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule.               

              The administration of medications, including over-the-counter medications, is a nursing activity, which must be performed, by a registered professional nurse or a licensed practical nurse.  A registered professional nurse may delegate and thereby will supervise the administration of medication by unlicensed personnel who are trained by the nurse to administer medications.

              When medicine is to be administered by school officials, the medicine must be accompanied by a label affixed by a pharmacy/physician or parent/guardian with written instruction.

The parent/guardian will provide a written request that the school district comply with the physician’s request to give medication.  The district will not administer the first dose of any medication.

              The parent/guardian will supply the medication in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy with only the doses to be given at school, and with instructions for any special need for storage, e.g. refrigeration.  The medication will be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian or other responsible adult.  Medication supplies should not exceed a 30-day supply.




All hail to our school, Owensville High, on it we can rely.

The glory of the orange and black, for it we all shall strive.

May loyalty reign evermore, for this school we adore.

Praises we sing till our voices ring, for a grand school, Owensville High.




              Students who fail to show good citizenship during school assemblies will be removed and assigned to detention during any future assemblies.


              1st Offense - Removed from assemblies for one quarter.

              2nd Offense- Removed from assemblies for the remainder of the year.





Pupil's responsibility when riding the school bus:


1.             The driver is in charge of the pupils and the bus.  Pupils must obey the driver promptly.

2.             Pupils must be on time; the bus cannot wait beyond its regular schedule for those who are tardy.

3.             Pupils should never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.

4.             Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited.

5.             Classroom conduct and school rules are to be observed by pupils riding the bus.

6.             Pupils must not at any time extend arms or head out of the bus windows.

7.             Pupils must not try to get on or off the bus, or move about within the bus, while it is in motion.

8.             Any damage to the bus should be reported at once to the driver, and the violator will be subject to discipline and restitution.

9.             Students must ride their assigned bus unless other arrangements have been approved by their building principal.  Every student must board their bus at their assigned AM. or PM. loading point.  Students may not board or depart from their bus at any other point without principal permission.

10.           Any high school student who plans to walk to or home from the Gerald Elementary, Owensville K-2 Center, or Owensville 3 – 5 Center, must have written permission to walk from their parents filed in the high school office.  



Students must report directly to the cafeteria at the time of their lunch shift.  An unexcused tardy will be given if found loitering in undesignated areas.  Students must return by the most direct route to their classroom after lunch.  Students have adequate time to use the restrooms, get drinks, etc. during their lunch shift; therefore, there is no need to stop on the return trip to the classroom.

1.           There is to be no loitering in the hallway or restrooms where the vending   machines are located, during lunch or at any other time.  Violation of this rule by a few could result in lost privileges for everyone.

2.           Food items purchased in the cafeteria or from the vending machines may not be taken out of the cafeteria to be consumed. 

3.           There will be no eating or drinking of food or beverage items in the halls, classrooms, or gyms.

4.           Lunch/and or other food items or snacks will be eaten at the tables – not while sitting on benches or the floor.               

5.           Students may sit at the table of their choice as long as their manners and conduct are acceptable to fellow students and teachers.             

6.           Students are not permitted to return to their lockers during their lunch shift time without permission from a teacher or administrator.

7.           Lunch Cards:  Weekly and daily lunch deposits should be made before school in the commons area.  Check the menu ahead of time and plan accordingly.

8.           Return used trays, dishes, and silverware to the proper window.  Dispose of soda cans, milk cartons, napkins, etc. in the proper containers at that time.  Failure to clean up will result in ISS being assigned.






              In addition to the regular high school diploma the district will issue a Certificate of Achievement for those graduates who qualify.  Recognition will be given at graduation by the wearing of an orange stole with the graduation robe and a certificate of achievement.

              To be qualified, students must have maintained an over-all 3.0 GPA on the weighted scale or non-weighted scale with a minimum of 24 hours of credit in the following subject areas:


              4            Units English/Language Arts

              3            Units Mathematics (Integrated Math I or Elements of Algebra, or higher)

              2            Units Science (Biology I or higher)

              3            Units Social Studies

              1            Unit Fine Arts

              1            Unit Practical Arts.

              1            Unit Physical Education.

              6            Units Electives.

              3            Additional units must be selected from advanced courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, or Foreign Language.



           24 Credit Hours Total




              In addition to the regular high school diploma, the local TECH PREP CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT will be awarded by the Gasconade R-2 School District to those graduates who qualify.  Recognition will be given at graduation by the wearing of an orange stole with the graduation robe and a tech prep certificate of achievement.

              Students, who wish to qualify for the Tech Prep Certificate of Achievement, must have maintained an over-all 3.0 GPA (grade point average) on the weighted scale or non-weighted scale with a minimum of 24 units of credit in the following areas:


              4            Credits English -- English, I, II, and III required.  One additional credit from English (may be applied or regular)

              3            Credits Mathematics

              2            Credits Science

              3            Credits Social Studies -- Government Studies, World History, and American History required

              1            Credit Fine Arts (instrumental or vocal music or art)

              1            Credit Practical Arts (home economics, industrial arts, vocational agriculture, business and Rolla Vo-tech courses)

1                  Credit Physical Education

6            Elective credits selected from a technical career path such as marketing, manufacturing technology, machine technology, building trades, electronics, heating/air conditioning, business, automotive, drafting, health occupations, masonry, or other approved technical career pathway

              3            Additional Elective Credits



        24       Credit Hours Total




              In addition to the regular High School diploma and Certificate of Achievement awarded by Gasconade County R-2 District, the State of Missouri has an award called the College Preparatory Certificate.


              To be eligible, students will be required to make a score of at least 21 on the ACT or 800 on the SAT (V+M) in addition to the 3.0 Grade Point Average in core academic courses. (English, Math, Science, Social Studies)


              4            Units English/Language Arts

              3            Units Mathematics (Integrated Math I, Elem. of Algebra, and above)

              2            Units Science (Biology I and above)

              3            Units Social Studies

              1            Unit Practical Arts

              1            Unit Fine Arts

              1            Unit Physical Education

              6            Units Electives

              3            Units Foreign Language, and/or additional advanced courses from areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and advanced Fine Art courses. The State Board of Education strongly recommends at least 2 units of the same Foreign Language.



    24      Total Units of Credit




ENGLISH DEPARTMENT - *College Prep English, *English Comp I, Journalism II

SCIENCE DEPARTMENT - *Chemistry II, *Physics, *Biology II, *Anatomy

SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT - Geography, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, *Advanced American History

MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT - *Pre-Calculus,           *Calculus

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Spanish I & II, German I & II

FINE ARTS - Band III or IV, Adv. Art II, III, IV, Adv. Vocal Music

OTHER - *Accounting II (may not be counted toward College Prep Certificate)


*Denotes weighted course




Coordinating Board for Higher Education

All Missouri public four-year colleges and universities establish a minimum core requirement for general admission

to college.  The core will minimally involve 16 units (1 unit = 1 year in class) as follows:


English - 4 units, one of which may be speech or debate; 2 units emphasizing composition or writing skills are required.

Mathematics - 3 units (high school level algebra and beyond, i.e., algebra II, geometry, pre-calculus,


Social Studies - 3 units, including American History and at least 1 semester of government.

Science - 2 units (not including General Science), one of which must be a laboratory course.

Visual/Performing Arts - 1 unit (fine arts courses in visual arts, music, dance and theater).

Electives - 3 units, selected from foreign language and/or combinations of the above courses (two units of foreign language are strongly recommended and required for admission to the University of MO at Columbia).


     Specific Universities and Colleges may have higher entrance requirements.

For example, the University of Missouri requires students to have successfully completed 4 units of mathematics algebra 1 or higher, and 2 units of foreign language in addition to the requirements listed above. 

     Students should check with their guidance counselor to find specific entrance requirements for schools they are interested in attending.


College NCAA Requirements


              Student athletes who plan to compete at the collegiate level must register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in order to compete in Division I, II, and III colleges.  Forms may be obtained through the guidance office or online at www.ncaa.org.  Academic eligibility requirements are as follows:


Division I:  4 units of English, 2 units of math (Algebra I or higher), 2 units of science (at least one lab course), 1 additional courses in English, math, science, 2 social studies, 3 additional courses from above areas or foreign language.  Combined GPA and ACT scores to meet qualifier index.*

Division II:  3 units of English, 2 units of math, 2 units of science (at least one lab course), 2 additional courses in English, math, or science, 2 units of social science, 2 additional courses from the above areas or foreign language.  ACT combined score of 68.

Division III:  These requirements do not apply to Division III colleges where eligibility for financial aid, practice, and competition is governed by institutional, conference or other NCAA regulations.


*Students entering college in 2008 or later will have to earn a total of 16 units of core subjects.




              It shall be a policy of the Gasconade County R-2 Board of Education that no student be permitted to participate in commencement ceremonies unless it has been determined by the principal's office that the student has successfully earned 24 units of credit prior to those ceremonies.  Students may order items (cap & gown, announcements, etc.) prior to graduation but must have successfully earned 24 units of credit before being permitted to attend the ceremonies stated above.  Correspondence courses must be completed by the second Friday in May in order to participate in the commencement ceremony.




                This means students may not leave school grounds or go home for lunch without special permission from the office.  During the lunch periods, most areas of the school and grounds are restricted.  Students must remain in the commons area.




              We believe that the personal appearance of the individual student while at school reflect the general attitudes of our student body.  We expect each individual student to dress in a manner that reflects the moral attitude of our community and student body.  Any attire worn that disrupts the normal purpose and function of the learning process is inappropriate and unacceptable.  The following are a few guidelines for student dress.


1.        All students must wear shoes while at school.

2.        Dress and grooming will be clean and in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety requirements.

3.        Shirts, T-shirts with markings or insignias, which display obscenity, illustrations designed to be immorally suggestive, advertise alcohol, drugs, or tobacco have no place in our school.

4.        Any type of clothing - Shirts, shorts, pants, or other articles, which are offensive in appearance, immoral or suggestive in nature, or disruptive to the educational atmosphere, will be prohibited during school hours.

5.        Student attire during warm weather needs to be school appropriate:  No bare midriffs, no low cut in the front or under the arm tanks, no bare back, strapless, or spaghetti strap tops, no self-made sleeveless shirts, and no revealing short shorts, etc. The rule of thumb is that attire worn by students should not be distracting to others.

6.        The tight fitting bicycle shorts can only be worn under another pair of shorts or in an appropriate athletic setting.

7.        The wearing of hats/headbands/bandannas/dew rags in school is inappropriate.  Hats will not be worn in the school building between the time the student enters the building and 3:16 pm. when school dismisses.   Hats may not be carried with the student during the school day – hats must be stored in lockers.

8.        Shirts and pants with areas purposely torn for display are not allowed. 

9.        Pants/trousers must be worn at the waist.

10.     Pants and other clothing with excessive straps, chains may not be worn for safety reasons.

11.     Jackets and coats are for outdoor wear or for areas of the building, which are cool during winter.  They should not be worn all day, every day, as a security blanket or for other unacceptable reasons.

12.     Any clothing, accessory, or symbol such as chains, all black clothing, or excessively baggy pants that is deemed gang-related, or “Goth” style is not allowed.


Failure to abide by the dress code:


First Offense:                Warning and change clothing.

Second Offense:           1 day of I.S.S. and change clothing.

Third Offense:              2 days of I.S.S. and change clothing.




1.             All student driven vehicles must be registered in the office.  A parking permit will be assigned to the student's vehicle.

2.             All students must be licensed and covered by insurance.  The school is not responsible for the automobile or its contents.

3.             There will be no speeds over 10 miles per hour, or any form of reckless driving on the school grounds.

4.             Because loading of buses and traffic problems involved in exiting on Highway 19, it is important that all safety precautions are taken.  School buses have the right of way.  Do not attempt to pass the buses in the driveway areas or on Highway 19.

5.             Student vehicles may be subject to search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property or other contraband might be present in that vehicle.

6.             Students should enter the parking lot using the southwest gate.

7.             Student vehicles must be parked in the assigned lot (See diagram in back of handbook). Please do not park in the front driveway area, behind the school, or along the football field fence.  The vocational lot is reserved for teacher parking only.  Please form orderly rows and do not block others in.

8.             Students are to park their cars and leave them immediately upon arriving at school.  You are not to re-enter your car until you are dismissed from school.

9.             Students are not to enter or loiter in automobiles of students or non-students parked on the parking lot at lunchtime or before school.

10.           Exiting the parking lot:  Students parked on the south lot must exit east toward the football field.  When they reach the concrete road in front of the football field, they must turn right and follow the concrete road to the southwest gate to exit.  Students parked in the south front lot must exit to the west, turn right, and exit through the middle gate.  The concrete drive that runs from the south entrance, in front of the school, to the north gate is for buses and parent traffic. Students must keep this roadway clear.  See diagram on page 50.



              Fire, Tornado, earthquake drills will be conducted throughout the school year to develop safe methods of evacuation, assembly, or seeking shelter.  Students are cautioned to take every drill seriously because it could be a sincere emergency situation.




          The signal for a fire drill shall be a long continuous buzzer.  When you hear this alarm, all persons in the building will exit to the assigned assembly areas. follow directions of the teachers, and move quickly and quietly in single file out of the building.  Remain in your class group until the teacher either directs you back to the building after the "all clear" or gives you other directions.  




          The signal for a tornado drill will be one long ring of the bells.  When you hear this alarm, move quickly and quietly to the interior hallways of the building.  Kneel on the floor and cover the back of your head with your hands and arms.  Leave personal items in the classroom and insure that windows and doors are open. Follow the directions of the teacher until the "all clear" bells are sounded or until you are given other directions.




          The sign for an earthquake will be a trembling or shaking of the ground or building. Tuck and duck under the desk or table, do not run outdoors.  Evacuate the building after the shaking stops until "all clear" bell is sounded or until you are given other directions.


          Students outside of the building when the quake begins should lie flat on the ground and ride the quake out.  Try to move to the middle of an open field, where light poles and electrical lines can be avoided.








                          ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                                                             Hoener

                          FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS                                               Whelan, Wnuk

                          FOOTBALL                                                                                 Crowe

                          VOLLEYBALL                                                                            Clingman

                          CROSS COUNTRY                                                                     Barndollar

                BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS                                           Estes, Patrick

                          BOYS BASKETBALL                                                                Williams

                          GIRLS BASKETBALL                                                               Crowe

                          WRESTLING                                                                               Barndollar

                          GOLF                                                                                           Hoffman

                          TRACK                                                                                        Hoener

                          BASEBALL                                                                                 Seamon

                          SOFTBALL                                                                                 Willimann





                          ART CLUB                                                                                                                  White

                          DECA - DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA                         Whelan

                          MATH & SCIENCE                                                                                                  Aubuchon

                          FCCLA - Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America                               Peth

                          FFA – Future Farmers of America                                                                           Byram, Thompson

                          MARCHING & SUMMER BAND                                                                           Talbert

                          JAZZ BAND                                                                                                               Mundwiller

                          COLOR GUARD                                                                                                         Riefer

                          TROUBADOURS                                                                                                       Baker

                          FBLA - FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA                                      Moritz, Harrison

                          STUDENT COUNCIL                                                                                                Niewald

                          SCHOLAR BOWL                                                                                                      Britton

                          NHS - NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY                                                                   West

                          DRAMA                                                                                                                      Miller

                          YEARBOOK                                                                                                                MacDonald

                          NEWSPAPER                                                                                                             MacDonald

                          SPEECH TEAM                                                                                                          Miller

                          FTA - FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA                                                         Seamon




                          SENIORS                                                                     Niewald, Hinson

                          JUNIORS                                                                    Strickland, Wnuk

                          SOPHOMORES                                                          Hellebusch, McPherson

                          FRESHMEN                                                                Altemeyer, Warden








In order to be eligible to participate and represent Gasconade County R-2 High School in athletics, music, speech, or any other activity, a student must:


1.        Be a good citizen.

2.        Enrolled a minimum of 2.5 units of credit per semester and have passed a minimum of 2.5 units of credit the previous semester to be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.  Individual school districts have the right to adopt a more stringent academic policy if their Board of Education desires.  The Gasconade R-2 School district has adopted additional academic requirements governing extra-curricular activities, which is explained in the next section of this handbook.

3.        Have entered school within the first eleven (11) days of the current semester.

4.        Not have received an award of any kind other than those given by the school for services as an athlete in the sport in which the student is competing.

5.        Be less than 20 years of age.

6.        Have not competed under an assumed name.

7.        Have not transferred from another high school to the Gasconade County R-2 High School without corresponding

       change of residence of the parents or guardians.

8.        Have not graduated from a four-year high school or its equivalent.

9.        Have attended the seventh and eighth grade.

10.     Have been in compliance with all rules regarding non-school participation.

11.     Have not competed at any time as a member of a junior college or senior college team.

12.     Not have transferred from one high school to another because of being asked to so because of your abilities and talents.

13.     Students must meet all requirements as to grades, etc., that a school requires.

14.     If a student misses class on the date of the contest without being excused by the principal, he/she shall not be

       considered eligible on that date to participate.




          Extra-curricular activities at Gasconade County R-2 High School make a very worthwhile contribution to the overall education of each student.  Every student is encouraged to participate in one or more of those activities, which include:  sports, music groups, and clubs.  Every individual will always be given a choice of extra-curricular activities for which he/she wishes to tryout or apply.  However, due to the school's desire to maintain high quality and interest in activities, coaches and sponsors will be required to cut a student from the team or club membership when it is felt that the student's membership will be detrimental to either the individual or activity.


          ELIGIBILITY - It shall be the policy of the Gasconade County R-2 District that any student who misses two (2) or more days of school due to a school-related activity (field trip, convention, contest, etc.) shall have a passing grade in all classes in which the student is currently enrolled at the time of his/her proposed trip.

          It shall be the responsibility of the sponsor to determine the student's eligibility by personally contacting the teachers involved.  A form for that purpose shall be provided by the principal's office.

          Entering freshmen must have passed four out of the five core academic subjects (math, science, social studies, language arts, and reading) to be eligible the first semester.

          It shall be the policy of the Gasconade County R-2 District that a student must successfully gain a minimum of 2 1/2 credits each semester and 5 1/2 credits each school year in order to remain eligible for Gasconade County R-2 extra-curricular activities.

          This student must also be on a minimum pace, credit wise, toward graduation.  For instance:

                                        Freshman       1st Sem. ------  2 1/2 credits

                                                                2nd Sem. ------ 5 1/2 credits

                                        Sophomore    3rd Sem. ------  8 credits

                                                                4th Sem. ------ 11 credits

                                        Junior             5th Sem. ------ 13 1/2 credits

                                                                6th Sem. ------ 17 credits

                                        Senior             7th Sem. ------ 20 1/2 credits

                                                                8th Sem. ------ 24 credits

          For students who fail to meet the 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 credits requirements, ineligibility will be declared for at least one semester and until such time as this student gets back on pace to graduate with his or her class.

          However, students receiving special services (EMR, handicapped students, etc.) may have this requirement waived upon recommendation from their special services instructor and a committee composed of that instructor, the principal, and the counselor.

          It is the school's responsibility to provide transportation to all school-sponsored events.  Students will not be permitted to drive to any school-sponsored events.  A participant may ride home with his/her parent or guardian as long as the student is released directly to the parent by the sponsor.  School liability makes this rule necessary and no exceptions can be made to this rule.




Participants are required to ride school transportation to and from each activity unless: A) they are released to their parents by the coach or sponsor or B) special arrangements are made before hand with the school administration.  If special arrangements are necessary, a reasonable amount of time must be allowed to permit the administration to have contact with all parties involved.


Extra-Curricular & Co-Curricular Code of Conduct


The extra-curricular/co-curricular activities offered by the Gasconade County R-2 School System are an important educational experience for all who choose to participate.  This comprehensive program is designed to help those who participate to develop skills beyond those that can be obtained in the regular classroom setting.  Gasconade County R-2 School officials, coaches of athletic teams, and sponsors of students activities believe that students who are selected for the privilege of membership should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the school.  In order to assure this conduct, coaches and sponsors enforce a Code of Conduct.  All members of Extra- and Co-curricular groups, Clubs and Organizations, and Student Performance Organizations are subject to this Code of Conduct.  Members of teams, organizations, and clubs who fail to abide by the Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action.  Members of teams, organizations, and clubs are expected to serve as exemplary examples of high moral character and must demonstrate appropriate academic commitment.  As recognized representatives of their school, members are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior in and out of season and as well as on and off campus during the entire calendar year.


Section A – Extracurricular Activities and Education


1.         The Gasconade County R-2 School District has as its primary goal the academic education of all students.  Therefore, each coach or sponsor has the obligation to encourage students to perform within reasonable academic expectations.

2.        The Gasconade County R-2 School District encourages every student to be involved in as many activities as possible.  Every sponsor/coach has agreed that no student will lose status in an activity because he/she participates in other activities.  We appreciate and need multi-activity students.

3.         All student use or possession of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or non-prescribed controlled substances or paraphernalia for their use will not be tolerated, and the violator will be subject to disciplinary action.

4.         We strongly disapprove of students staying home on school days to rest for events that day or night.  If an absence is necessary, prior approval can be obtained by the building principal which would allow the student to participate in that day’s contest or activity (i.e. doctor’s appointment, funeral, legal appointment, etc.).  The administration reserves the right to limit participation of students in cases of non-attendance at school.

5.         Rule enforcement will be consistent and in a timely manner.  School Personnel are not expected to monitor off campus, non-school activities, but will enforce this policy if he/she personally witnesses a violation in or out of school.

6.         Each coach or sponsor has the prerogative to establish additional rules pertaining to the activity supervised.  These rules may include attendance at practices, contests, trips, etc.  Rules set by the individual coach or sponsor must be in writing and approved by the building principal or the athletic director.  These rules will be communicated to the student participants and parents before the activity begins.

7.         Students suspended (In-School or Out-of-School) from school by the Principal’s Office will not be allowed to participate in activities or athletics while they are on suspension.

8.         Severe or continued discipline problems may result in a student being dismissed from a team, club, or organization.  

9.         All violations of the code of conduct must be reported to the building principal.  The building principal or his/her designee will investigate the incident and will determine according to policy the consequences for the violation.  In addition to the consequences imposed by the Code of Conduct, such violations will also be subject to appropriate actions by the Gasconade County R-2 Board of Education disciplinary policies.

Section B – MSHSAA Requirements and Guidelines


Gasconade County R-2 School abides by all MSHSAA rules, guidelines, and eligibility requirements.  Students are ineligible for extra-curricular activities if:

1.        The student is not considered a “creditable citizen”.

2.        The student did not earn a minimum of 2.50 units of credit the preceding semester of attendance.

3.        The student is not currently enrolled in and regularly attending courses that offer 2.5 units of credit.

4.        The student is not making satisfactory progress towards graduation as determined by the local Gasconade County R-2 School policies.

5.        The student has participated in a given activity for all or part of 4 seasons in grades 9 through 12.

6.        The student has attended more than 8 semesters after entering the 9th grade. 

7.        The student has not entered school, which consist of regular registration for classes and attendance in classes, within the first eleven days of the semester.

8.        The student has received any form of inducement, persuasion, or undue influences, which would encourage a student to enroll in a school primarily for interscholastic activities.

9.        The student has participated under an assumed name.

10.     The student has violated any of the MSHSAA By-Laws.

11.     The student has not met local requirements, which are out-lined in the Gasconade County R-2 middle school and the high school student handbooks.

12.     The student has not met all the requirements stated in the MSHSAA By-Laws 200 and 300.

13.     The student-athlete reaches 19 years of age prior to July 1 preceding the opening of school.

14.     The student-athlete is not an amateur in the sport in which they are wishing to compete.

15.     The student-athlete has played on any college or university team, or on any all-star football or basketball team before they have graduated, or on any all-star baseball team during the school year.

16.     The student-athlete has played on a non-school squad, while he/she is a member of a school squad in that sport.  The student-athlete is a member of the school squad until that team participates in its last contest in that sport.

17.     After entering a MSHSAA member school, the student-athlete plays on a team with a player who is paid.

18.     The student-athlete accepts for athletic achievement any medal, cup trophy, or other type of awards with a value of more that $25.00.

19.     The student-athlete attends a summer coaching school, camp, or clinic without complying with the MSHSAA summer cutoff deadlines.  These deadlines can be obtained by contacting the athletic director’s office.

20.     The student-athlete does not have a completed and passed physical by a licensed physician’s on file in the athletic director’s office.  The physical must have been issued within a year of the student-athlete’s


21.     The student-athlete’s parents or legal guardians do not live in the Gasconade County R-2 School District.

**Statements 1 through 12 are for all extra-curricular and co-curricular MSHSAA activities and statements 13 through 21 pertain only to athletics.


Section C – Procedures


A student may be suspended from participation in any activity according to the following procedures:

1.        All reports of violations of the Code of Conduct are to be made either to the building principal or the athletic director.

2.        The building principal or his/her designee will contact the student, the parents, and the coach or sponsor to inform them of the violation and the procedures to be followed.  If requested by the student or his/her parents/guardians, a meeting will be scheduled within three (3) school days.  This meeting includes the building principal, athletic director, the student, his or her parents, and the student’s coach or sponsor.

3.        The building principal or his/her designee will determine the course of action and notify the student and his/her parents of the decision in writing.

4.      Any student who violates the guidelines and/or does not satisfactorily complete the season or activity may not be eligible for any awards or special recognition given for participation in the activity.  Furthermore, a student who holds an elected or appointed office or position (i.e. peer leader, team captain, student organization officer) may be required to relinquish said position upon violation of the guidelines.

5.        Penalties will be applied in every area of activity in which a student participates.  Any offense constitutes a violation in all activities covered under the guidelines.

Section D -- Guidelines for Action

A student will be in violation of this policy if the use/act, possession, or distribution occurs on or off of school property or at a school sponsored event, or if it is reported or confirmed by a law enforcement agency, or if it is witnessed by school personnel.   Guidelines will apply during the entire calendar year, on or off of campus.  Violations listed below will NOT be permitted by the Gasconade County R-2 School District under any circumstances:

            *1.  Smoking, chewing, or possession of tobacco.

                *2.  Drinking or possession of alcohol.

                *3.  Illegal use or possession of any controlled substance.

                *4.  Vandalism.

                *5.  Stealing.

*6.  Conviction of any felony.


***Students are subject to both normal school discipline along with the Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Code of Conduct consequences as outlined below when the infraction takes place on school grounds, while the student is under school supervision, or school property is involved. 


Section E – Consequences


Students are subject to both normal school disciplines along with the Code of Conduct consequences that are outlined below if the infraction takes place on school grounds or while the student is under school supervision.  Consequences for an infraction during a spring activity may be carried over to that students fall activities if there is not enough time for the consequences to be completed. In reference to the term “Offense” each infraction of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with in concession with the first infraction being considered as First Offense, and the next infraction being considered as Second Offense and so on.  If a participant has multiple infractions involving drugs, alcohol, vandalism, theft, felony, or any combination of these violations during his or her High School years he or she will be suspended from participating in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities for one calendar year from the date of the suspension for that infraction.  Students will start with a clean slate at the beginning of their 9th grade year. Any and all infractions will be considered on record from that time until the athlete graduates their senior year.


Consequences for infractions of the Code of Conduct by participants are determined by the following guidelines:


1st Offense            

-Tobacco                           Suspension from 10% of season contests or activities.

-Alcohol                            Suspension from 30% of season contests or activities.    

-Drugs                                Suspension from 40% of season contests or activities.

-Vandalism                        Suspension from 40% of season contests or activities.

-Theft                                 Suspension from 40% of season contests or activities.

-Felony Conviction          Suspension from all athletics for one calendar year.


These suspensions may carry over from season to season, and year to year.


1.        The student-participant will practice with the team or group during the time he/she is suspended from interscholastic competition or activities.  If the participant does not continue to practice the suspension will start at the beginning of that students next activity or sport. 

2.        If the violation occurs during a season, the same penalty will result, but the penalty will be on a pro-rated basis for that activity and/or the next activity season of participation.

3.        The coach or sponsor may decide to allow the student-participant to sit on the bench in street clothes during a contest but they may not dress out in uniform for any contest during the suspension.

4.        If a suspension from participation for one calendar year occurs. This suspension is for all activities, athletics, clubs, etc…


2nd Offense         

-Tobacco                           Suspension from 30% of season contests or activities.

-Alcohol                            Suspension from 50% of season contests or activities, alcohol free counseling at the student’s or parent’s expense, and 40 hours of community service.

-Drugs                                Suspension from 60% of season contests or activities, drug free counseling at the student’s or parent’s expense, and 40 hours of community service.

-Vandalism                        Suspension from 60% of season contests or activities, behavioral counseling at the student’s or parent’s expense, and 40 hours of community service.

-Theft                                 Suspension from 60% of season contest or activities, behavioral counseling at the student’s or parent’s expense, and 40 hours of community service.

-Felony Conviction          Suspension from all athletics for one calendar year.


3rd Offense 

-Tobacco                           Suspension from 50% of the season, contest or activities, tobacco free counseling at the

                                            student’s or parent’s expense, and 40 hours of community service.

-Alcohol                            Suspension from participation for one calendar year.                                                          

-Drugs                                Suspension from participation for one calendar year.                                                          

-Vandalism                        Suspension from participation for one calendar year.                                                          

-Theft                                 Suspension from participation for one calendar year.


 A 4th offense for tobacco will result in suspension from participation for one calendar year.


Counseling: A licensed counselor must administer Counseling.  A written letter from the counselor stating that the student has completed or is currently attending counseling sessions must be filed with the school office before the student will be permitted to resume participation.


Community Service:  Community service will include activities such as but not limited to; assisting the community park department, assisting at the county fair, working at church, community food pantry, etc.  A written letter from the chief administrator for the group or community agency stating the community service completed and the hours completed must be filed with the school office before the student can resume participation. 

*Honor Society has national guidelines that may be more severe and over-rule this policy.


**There will be no penalty to the student who requests help in the form of assessment or treatment for chemical abuse prior to the student’s being determined to be in violation of this policy.  A student who continues chemical abuse after requesting help will be considered as a second offense and have to fulfill those requirements in order to participate.                           


Section F – Other Information


District Policies:  In some instances Gasconade County R-2 District Policies and “The Missouri Safe Schools Act” mandate discipline and suspensions from school that exceed these regulations.  All district students are subject to District Policy and cannot participate in any activity while suspended. 

QUITTING OR DISMISSAL: Any participant who quits or is dismissed from any extracurricular activity may not participate in another extracurricular activity during the same season until the following are met.


1.        All equipment is checked in.

2.        The end of the season of the activity you quit or were dismissed from is concluded.

(Including State Tournament competition)

3.        The student-participant has a season-limiting injury determined by a doctor and described by him/her in writing.


SCHOOL SUSPENSIONS:  During an In School Suspension (ISS) or an Out of School Suspension (OSS), a student will not be able to participate in any scheduled activity or practice.  The coach/sponsor and the principal may also recommend other action.


EQUIPMENT:  All equipment must be checked in at the conclusion of each season.  Before the student will be allowed to participate in the next season’s activity, that student must return all equipment checked out by them.


TEAM LOCKER ROOM: The Team Locker Room is to be used by the teams that are in season only.  When the seasons overlap, the team that has not completed its season will be given priority, if there is a conflict.


Revised 7/2003




          The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education records.  The law applies to all schools, which receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.  FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records.  These rights transfer to the student, of former student, who has reached the age of 18 or is attending any school beyond the high school level.  Students and former students to whom the rights have transferred are called eligible students.

·         Parents or eligible students have the right to inspect and review all of the student’s education records maintained by the school.  Schools are not required to provide copies of materials in education records unless, for reasons such as great distance, it is impossible for parents or eligible students to inspect the records.  Schools may charge a fee for copies.

·         Parents and eligible students have the right to request that a school correct records believed to be inaccurate or misleading.  If the school decides not to amend the record, the parent or eligible student has the right to place a statement with the record commenting on the contested information in the record.

·         Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student before releasing any information from a student’s record.  However, the law allows schools to disclose records, without consent, to the following parties:

Ø       School employees who have a need to know;

Ø       Other schools to which a student is transferring;

Ø       Certain government officials in order to carry out lawful functions;

Ø       Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student;

Ø       Organizations conducting certain studies for the school;

Ø       Accrediting organizations;

Ø       Individuals who have obtained court orders or subpoenas;

Ø       Persons who need to know in cases of health and safety emergencies; and State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system,

Ø       Pursuant to specific State law.

          Schools may also disclose, without consent, “directory” type information such as a student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, honors and awards, and dates of attendance.  However, schools must tell parents and eligible students about directory information and allow parents and eligible students a reasonable amount of time to request that the school not disclose directory information about them.  Schools must notify parents and eligible students annually of their rights under FERPA.  The actual means of notification (special letter, inclusion in a PTA bulletin, student handbook, or newspaper article) is left to the discretion of each school.


          In accordance with Gasconade County R-2 School District policy (JO-R) Annual public notice should be presented to parents or eligible students that “Directory Information” will be released as deemed necessary by school officials.  The school district designates the following items as Directory Information: student’s name, parent’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, most recent previous school attended and photograph.  Parents or eligible students will have ten (10) days after the annual public notice to view the student’s directory information and to provide notice in writing to the school district that they choose to not have this information released.  Unless notified to the contrary in writing within the ten (10) school day period, the school district may disclose any of those items designated as directory information without prior written consent.




In order to be classified as freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior a student must meet the following criteria:

          FRESHMEN - First and second semester of enrollment.

SOPHOMORE - Must have earned at least a total of 6 credits. The student must have also completed two semesters of attendance.

JUNIOR - Must have earned at least 12 units of credit and been in attendance for 4 semesters.

SENIOR - Must have earned at least 16 units of credit and been in attendance for 6 semesters.




          Grade cards will be issued at the end of each semester on dates to be announced.  Distribution procedure will be announced later.  Progress reports will be issued every three weeks.  We will no longer recognize a quarter grade but will instead have a mid-semester progress report.  All progress reports issued will be the students’ up-dated grades, at that place in time, for the semester.  The following guidelines for determining grades will be followed by all high school teachers:




                                                                95  - 100   A                                           74  -  76    C

                                                                90  -  94    A-                                          70  -  73    C-

                                                                87  -  89    B+                                          67  -  69    D+

                                                                84  -  86    B                                            64  -  66    D

                                                                80  -  83    B-                                           60  -  63    D-

                                                                77  -  79    C+                                            0  -  59    F           

Pluses and minuses are not recorded on permanent transcripts.




                Beginning with the graduating class of 2001, the following graduation requirements will be adopted.  In order to receive a high school diploma, each student is required to complete and pass a course of study, which includes a minimum of 24 credits in the following subject areas:


     *Credits                                                                           Courses


3                              Communication Arts--English I, English II, & English III required

                2                              Mathematics

                2                              Science--Physical Science & Biology I required

                3                              Social Studies--American History, World History &

                                                Government Studies

                1                              Fine Art (vocal and instrumental music or art)

                1                              Physical Education

                1                              Practical Art (any Home Economics, Vocational Agriculture, Industrial Art, Business, or Rolla Vo-Tech course)

             11                               Elective Courses



            24                                Total Credits for Graduation


*Credit - refers to a credit hour, which represents 1 hour per day for an entire school year.  (Ex. biology class, which meets every day for a full year, is 1 credit)

                Seniors will be required to have completed the required courses as outlined above and in addition must pass not less than 5 units of credit their senior year from a balanced program selected from the areas of Communication Skills, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Foreign Language, and Physical Education.  NOT LESS THAN 5 UNITS OF CREDIT MUST BE EARNED THE SENIOR YEAR unless an alternative program has been approved.  Students may earn up to two units of credit through summer school and/or approved correspondence courses.





                It shall be the policy of the Gasconade R-2 Board of Education that no student be permitted to participate in Commencement ceremonies unless it has been determined by the principal's office that the student has successfully earned 24 units of credit PRIOR to those ceremonies.  Students may order items (cap and gown, announcements, etc.) prior to graduation but must have successfully earned 24 units of credit before being permitted to attend graduation ceremonies






          All public schools are required to provide a free and appropriate public education to all students, including those attending private/parochial schools, beginning on the child's third birthday through age twenty (20), regardless of the child's disability.  Disabilities include:  learning disabilities, mental retardation, behavior disorders/emotional disturbance, speech disorders (voice, fluency, or articulation), language disorders, visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically/other health impaired, multi‑handicapped, deaf/blind, autism, early childhood special education, and traumatic brain injury.

          All public schools are required to provide parents the right to inspect and review personally identifiable information collected and used or maintained by the District relating to their children.  Parents have the right to request amendment of these records if they feel the information is inaccurate, misleading, or violates the privacy or other rights of their children.  Parents have the right to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education or the State Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the District to meet the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

          The District has developed a Local Compliance Plan for implementation of Special Education and this Plan is available for public review during regular school hours on days school is in session in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

          Public schools in the state of Missouri are required to conduct an annual census of all children with disabilities or suspected disabilities from birth through age twenty (20) who resides in the District.  This Census is compiled as of May 1 each year.  This information is treated as confidential and submitted to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Information to be collected includes:  name of each child, parent/legal guardian's name/address; birth date and age of each child; and each child's disability or suspected disability.  Should the District fail to submit an annual census, the State Board of Education may withhold state aid until the census is submitted.  If you have a child with disability or know of a child with a disability who is not attending the public school, please contact the school district.

          If you have any questions regarding the services available, you may contact Kathy Kremer, Director of Special Services, Gasconade County R-II School District, P.O. Box 536, Owensville, Missouri, phone:  437-2177.



          Title IX of the educational act of 1972 provides as follows:  No person in the United States shall on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

          It is the policy of the Gasconade County R-2 School District Board of Education to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from discrimination on the basis of sex.  The school district does not and will not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs, activities, and vocational opportunities offered by the district.  The provisions of title IX extend not only to students with regard to educational opportunities, but also to employees with regard to employment opportunities and to individuals with whom the board does business. 




          1.             Short-term suspensions may be given up to ten days without reconvening of IEP team.

          2.             Long-term suspension and expulsion is a change of placement under EHA, and IEP team must be convened before each action takes place.

          3.             Long-term suspension or expulsion cannot take place without determinations of misconduct; that does not bear relationship to child’s handicap. 

          4.             If misconduct is a result of handicap, long-term suspension or expulsion is inappropriate under EHA.

          5.             Frequent short-term suspensions constitute long-term suspension under EHA and appropriate procedures must be followed.

          6.             Expulsion is an appropriate disciplinary tool under EHA, but complete cessation of educational services during expulsion is prohibited.

          7.             Children with disruptive histories should be dealt with through IEP goals and objectives.

    8.     When in doubt to appropriateness of disciplinary action of handicapped student, contact your LEA attorney before executing such action.




          Students must at all times avoid running, scuffling, or hindering the normal progress of other students in halls.  Loitering in the hall and sitting on heat registers will not be permitted.  For any violation concerning hall conduct, the administration reserves the right to take disciplinary action.

          During the school day every student is accountable to some faculty member at all times.  If you are in the halls, restroom, office, etc., without a pass during classes, you could be assigned to I.S.S.  Passes to students will be issued for emergency situations only.  You must have your own pass, not one with several names on it, signed by a teacher, timed and dated.




          Three queen candidates shall be chosen by the senior class, of whom one will be chosen queen.  Two attendants each from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes will be chosen.  Once nominated, a candidate may not be nominated for another school-sponsored queen contest.




          If a student has been absent, it will be that student's responsibility to obtain his/her missed assignments or tests.  The student should contact his/her teachers during the regular school day, on the day he/she returns to school, to receive his/her assignments and the expected date for the completion of those assignments.  Failure to obtain missed assignments within 24 hours of the student’s return will result in no credit being given for the completed work.  The student’s teacher(s) will take into consideration the individual student’s load and capabilities and determine the make-up work time.  Generally, the student will be given a day for each day’s absence to complete missed assignments.


          Parents can request home work assignments if the student is well enough to study. Parents must call 437-2174 and make a homework request prior to 10:00 am. to allow teachers ample time to get the assignments ready. Homebound instruction can be made available for prolonged absences.  Homework requests will be taken from parents only.  Students will be allowed one school day of makeup time for each day absent.  Homework and tests assigned prior to the absence will be due on the day the student returns to school.




          In order for a student to be on the Honor Roll, he/she must maintain a "B" average.  A student must have earned all "A's" during the grading period to qualify for the "A" Honor Roll.  All classes shall be counted for purposes of Grade Point Averages and for the purpose of inclusion on the Honor Roll.




     Every student attending O.H.S. must have a student identification card and have it on their person at all times.  The student identification card is used to verify that a student is enrolled at O.H.S. and as their personal lunch and library card.  If a teacher or other staff member requests to see the student’s identification card, the student needs to immediately comply with that request.

     Students will be issued the first identification card free of charge.  If a student loses, misplaces, or alters an identification card in any way, he/she must purchase a replacement card at the high school office for $3.00.




          The Board of Education recommends that all students have accident insurance for their protection.  The board will name an insurance carrier each year to offer group rates.  Participation in the group is optional.

          Students participating in interscholastic athletics will be required to have adequate insurance coverage before being allowed to practice or compete for a school team.





            The Gasconade County R-II School District recognizes the educational and professional value of electronics-based information technology, both as a means of access to enriching information and as a tool to develop skills that students need.

      The district’s technology exists for the purpose of maximizing the educational opportunities and achievement of district students.  The professional enrichment of the staff and Board, and increased engagement of the students’ families and other patrons of the district are assisted by technology, but are secondary to the ultimate goal of student achievement.

      Use of technology resources in a disruptive, manifestly inappropriate or illegal manner impairs the district’s mission, squanders resources and shall not be tolerated.  Therefore, a consistently high level of personal responsibility is expected of all users granted access to the district’s technology resources.  Development of students’ personal responsibility is itself an expected benefit of the district technology program.

      Use of the district’s technology resources is a privilege, not a right. No student, employee, or other potential user will be given an ID, password or other access to district technology if he/she is considered a security risk by the superintendent or designee.

      Users must adhere to district policies, regulations, procedures, and other district guidelines.  All users shall immediately report any security problems or misuse of the district’s technology resources to an administrator or teacher.


User Agreement

      Unless authorized by the superintendent or designee, all users must have an appropriately signed User Agreement on file with the district before they are allowed access to district technology resources.  All users must agree to follow the district’s policies, regulations, and procedures.

      In addition, all users must recognize that they do not have a legal expectation of privacy in any e-mail use activities involving the district’s technology.  A user ID with e-mail access, if granted, is provided to users of this district’s network and technology resources only on condition that the user consents to interception or access to all communications accessed, sent, received or stored using district technology in his or her User Agreement.


Content Filtering and Monitoring

      The district will monitor the on-line activities of minors and operate a technology protection measure (“filtering/blocking device”) on all computers with Internet access, as required by law.  The filter/blocking device will protect against access to visual depictions that are obscene, harmful to minors and child pornography, as required by law.  Because the district’s technology is a shared resource, the filtering/blocking device will apply to all computers with Internet access in the district.  Evasions or disabling of the filtering/blocking device installed by the district, including attempts to evade or disable, is a serious violation of district policy.



      All damages incurred by the district due to the misuse of the district’s technology resources, including the loss of property and staff time, will be charged to the user.  District administrators have the authority to sign any criminal complaint regarding damage to district technology.


Student Users

      No student will be given access to the district’s technology resources until the district receives a User Agreement signed by the student and the student’s parents(s), guardian(s), or person(s) standing in the place of a parent.  Students who are 18 or who are otherwise able to enter into an enforceable contract may sign the User Agreement without additional signatures.  Students who do not have a User Agreement on file with the district may be granted permission to use district technology by the superintendent or designee in unusual situations.



      A user does not have a legal expectation of privacy in the user’s electronic mail or other activities involving the district’s technology resources.

      All district technology resources are considered school property.  The district may maintain or improve technology resources at any time.  The district may remove, change or exchange hardware or other technology between buildings, classrooms, employees, student or any other user at any time, without prior notice.  Authorized district personnel may load or delete new programs or information, install new equipment, upgrade any system or enter any system to correct problems at any time.

      The district may examine all information stored on district technology resources at any time.  The district may monitor employee and student technology usage.  Electronic communications, all data stored on the district’s technology resources, and downloaded material, including files deleted from a user’s account, may be intercepted, accessed or searched by district administrators or designee at any time.


Violation of Technology Usage Policies and Procedures

      Use of the district’s technology resources is a privilege, not a right. A user’s privileges may be suspended pending an investigation concerning use of the district’s technology resources.  Any violation of district policy, regulations or procedures regarding technology usage may result in temporary, long-term or permanent suspension of user privileges.

      The administration may use disciplinary measures to enforce district policy, regulations and procedures.  Students may be suspended or expelled for violating the district’s policies, regulations and procedures.  Employees may be disciplined or terminated for violating the district’s policies, regulations and procedures.  Any attempted violation of district policy, regulations or procedures or the success or failure of the attempt may result in the same discipline or suspension of privileges as that of an actual violation.





                Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks just as they are in a classroom or school hallway.  Communications on the network are often public in nature.  General school rules for behavior and communications apply.

Individual users of the district computer networks are responsible for their behavior and communications over those networks.  Users are subject to district and building policies as stated in the handbook.

                Network storage areas may be treated like school lockers.  Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and insure that users are using the system responsibly.  Users should not expect files stored on district servers will always be private.


The following are not permitted:


Violations may result in disciplinary or legal action.


District Web Site


Gasconade County R-2 Schools will have one official web site.  This site will be developed and maintained by the students in the “Web Page Design” class at the High School.  All buildings are encouraged to participate in the district web site.  Materials must be approved by the designated building representative prior to submission to the “Web Page Design” class. New construction on the site must be approved by the course instructor and the web master prior to posting the information.  The course instructor will approve any updates to the site prior to posting.

Personal information about students including items such as name, address, phone number, e-mail addresses etc. WILL NOT be permitted on the Gasconade County R-2 web site.


Computer Use 


All computers in the Gasconade County R-2 School District are provided for student educational purposes only.  The following are prohibited to students:


·         Non-educational computer games (on disk, Internet or CD)

·         Chat rooms

·         Personal e-mail

·         Surfing the net – free time

·         Students must obtain permission from their teacher or the teacher supervising the computer lab prior to accessing equipment




                Overdue books will be assessed ten cents per day until the amount accumulates to one dollar.  After four weeks, the book will be declared lost and the student will be required to pay for the book.




                Each student is assigned a locker for his personal use for keeping books, school equipment, and personal articles.  The administration advises every student to place a lock on his/her locker. A lock may be rented for $3.00 in the office.  The fee will be refunded at the end of the year on return of the lock.  Students may purchase their own lock but must file the combination or additional key in the Principal’s Office.

                If any trouble develops with your locker, please report this information to the office immediately.  If for any reason you need to move your locker, DO NOT MOVE WITHOUT CONSULTING THE OFFICE.

                Do not place your books in another student's locker nor allow someone to use your locker.  DO NOT KEEP MONEY OR VALUABLES IN YOUR LOCKER!  Either carry them with you or bring them to the office for safekeeping.  Soda cans, soda bottles, and other trash should be disposed of properly and not placed in lockers.  Do not use contact paper, bumper stickers, or any permanent adhesive in your locker.  Only Magnetic devices can be used to hang pictures, mementoes, etc.

                The administration shall reserve the right to inspect lockers when articles are lost, stolen, or whenever it is deemed necessary.  For any violation of locker regulations the administration reserves the right to take disciplinary action.





          Students are responsible for the care and return of each textbook issued to them.  If a textbook is lost, the student will be responsible for making restitution according to the following depreciation scale:


                                                                1 year old........…...90% of the replacement cost

                                                                2 years old........….80% of the replacement cost

                                                                3 years old........….70% of the replacement cost

                                                                4 years old.......…..60% of the replacement cost

                                                                5 years or older.....50% of the replacement cost                             

          Restitution for a damaged textbook will be assessed by the individual teacher according to the extent of damage.  Severe damage will be assessed according to the depreciation scale for a lost textbook.




          Many articles are lost during the school year.  We suggest you put your name on all articles brought to school.  Please bring only necessary items to school, as we are NOT responsible for personal property.  Found articles should be turned in to the office and can be claimed there by the owner.





Owensville High School operates a closed lunch campus.  A student may either bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch in the cafeteria.   NO food may be ordered and delivered from outside establishments during the lunch hour.

The student lunch accounts are computerized.  Please keep a positive lunch balance in your account.  Students must have enough money in their account to make their purchase or they will not be permitted to eat.  There will be no credit available.  Free or reduced lunch accounts may only be used to purchase Type A lunches, NOT a’la Carte items.  Lunches or a’la carte items may not be charged to another student’s account.

Students must have their identification card to make lunch deposits or purchases.  Monthly, weekly, or daily lunch deposits should be made before school, in the commons area.  The exception to this rule is for those students who are involved in school-sponsored activities such as marching band and jazz band that meet before school.  These students may deposit money in their accounts in the office between classes or at the beginning of their lunch shift. 

          If a student forgets, loses, or misplaces their identification card, he/she will be allowed to eat if he/she has sufficient funds in his/her lunch account.  Students who are in this situation must wait until the other students have gone through the lunch line, then report to the cashier and have them make the transaction manually before the student can go through the lunch line.  If this problem becomes habitual, discipline will be assigned.  A student is expected to have their identification/lunch card with them at all times while in attendance at school.

          Students may purchase more than one lunch per day.  If a student wishes to purchase an additional lunch they must go through the line for each lunch.  A student may only use his/her identification card for his/her personal use. 


In addition to these guidelines, please be aware of the following items:

  1.  If there is a past history of accounts not being paid, charging will not be allowed.
  2. As students pass through the lunch line, staff will remind students of the need to deposit more money. 
  3. Students can obtain their lunch account balance from the cashier before school each morning in the cafeteria.
  4. Lunch money must be deposited before school in the cafeteria.
  5. Depositing lunch money only takes a few seconds.  Have your lunch card and money ready to present to the cashier.
  6. Additional monies must be deposited if a student wishes to purchase a’la carte items.


Owensville High School will offer a Type A lunch and a’la carte choices each day.  The Type A lunch is a balanced nutritional lunch that features a serving from each of the five food groups.  The a’la carte menu will offer a large selection of ala’ carte items including cheeseburgers, french fries, pizza, fast food, fruit, salads, etc.  A’la Carte items are purchased by individual request and separate from the student Type A meal.  It is important that you and your student discuss their options and set limits that meet your family goals and nutritional needs of your student.




     Personal items that are not used for educational purposes should be left at home.  Students should never leave anything of value in their lockers.  While the student is at practice or in a P.E. class all clothing, money, and personal belongings should be put in the student’s P.E. locker and locked.

     Students should only bring articles to school that will be used for educational purposes in their classes.  Items that distract from the learning process or well being of other students are not allowed at school (examples:  laser pointers, radios, tape players, walkmans, trading cards, skateboards, beepers, etc)

     If a student has a cell phone at school it must be kept turned off and out of sight.  Before using their cell phone the student must get permission from an administrator.  Students are reminded that the school is not responsible for personal items, such as cell phones, should they be lost or stolen.




          Marital, maternal, or paternal status shall not affect the rights and privileges of district students to receive an education.  Those students are eligible to participate in all activities and receive all honors the same as any other students in the high school.

          Pregnant students shall be permitted to continue in school when continued attendance has the sanction of the expectant mother's physician.  The physician's approval of this continued attendance must be on file at the school.




Students eligible to go the Junior-Senior Prom must:


          1.             Be an OHS student who is currently enrolled as a junior or senior

          2.             Be a member in good standing (all class dues paid) of the junior or senior class.

    3.             Students who are suspended from school or are in I.S.S. through the weekend of the prom will not be eligible to attend.




          1.             Must be invited by a member of the OHS junior or senior class.

          2.             Invited guests must be a high school freshmen or above to attend the OHS prom.

          3.             Invited guests will be required to show proof of graduation or proof of attendance and in good standing at another high school.

          4.             No high school dropouts will be allowed to attend the prom.  Prom is a privilege for the juniors and seniors at OHS who are in good standing and making progress towards graduation.

          5.             Guests who drop out of school but receive the G.E.D. are not eligible to attend the prom.  Once a student makes the decision to drop from school they forfeit all privileges the school offers for

            its students who are enrolled and in regular attendance.





          A student must have 24 credits to graduates, and of these 24 credits the following credit courses should be taken in the appropriate year. 


FRESHMEN                                                          SOPHOMORE                                     JUNIOR


English I                                                                English II                                                 English III

Physical Science                                                  Biology I                                                 American History

Math                                                                      Math                                

Government Studies                                            World History

Physical Education/Wt. Training






1.         Students should arrive at school by 7:50 a.m. If you are late for the bus going to Rolla, and fail to report to the Owensville High School prior to 8:30 a.m., you will be considered truant, and issued an ISS assignment.

2.         Students absent from Rolla should notify the Owensville High School prior to 8:30 a.m.

3.         Students driving cars to school must park in the front student parking lot.

4.         While waiting for the "Rolla Bus", students are to wait inside or outside (on the sidewalk) the double doors adjacent to the main office.

5.         During travel to and from Rolla, students will exhibit proper disposal of snack wrappers and soda cans, etc.  Profane or inappropriate language or other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.


            Bus conduct violations will be penalized as follows:

                            1st referral:  3 full days ISS                                                     3rd referral:  Removal from Rolla Vo-Tech

                            2nd referral:  5 full days ISS/Parent conference                 

6.         While in attendance at Rolla, students will adhere to all rules of conduct and Vo-Tech School expectations.

7.         Upon arrival back at OHS, students will depart the bus and go directly to their lockers and on to their 5th hour class by the most direct route.

8.         Students are not allowed to go to their vehicles after arrival back from Rolla.  Also, no loitering or delay getting to 5th hour will be tolerated.

9.         Upon request from Rolla, students might be allowed to drive their car or truck for (1) classroom purposes or (2) for field trips that extend the school day.  A student is not allowed to drive to Rolla for personal reasons.

            These conditions must be met:

A.      The proper form must be obtained in advance.

B. This form must be signed by authorized Vo-Tech personnel.

C. The form is to be taken home and signed by the student’s parents.

D.The form must then be taken to the OHS principal for final approval.


10.           After an absence from afternoon classes, an admit slip must be obtained from the office before returning to afternoon classes.                 




                Students are allowed to make changes in their schedule for the first three school days of each semester.  There will be no schedule changes made on or after the fourth school day of a semester.





                The decision on school cancellation is not made until after 6:00 a.m. on the day in question.  If a decision is made to cancel school at this time, the following radio and TV stations are notified of the closing:


                                RADIO STATIONS                                            TV STATIONS

                                KT 100.9 FM...…...Sullivan                                 KRCG TV 13…..Jefferson City

                                KLPW 101.7 FM…Union                                    KSDK TV 5……St. Louis

                                KZNN 105.3 FM….Rolla                                     KTVI TV 2.……St. Louis

                                KSLQ 104.5 FM.…Washington                         KMOV TV 4...…St. Louis

                                KXOK 97.1 FM..….St. Louis                              KDNL TV 30…..St. Louis        

                                KTUI 1560 AM…...Sullivan                              

                                KLPW 1220 AM….Union                                   DISTRICT WEB SITE

                                KTTR 1490 AM…..Rolla                                     http://owensville.k12.mo.us

                                KSLQ 1350 AM.….Washington


                If these stations do not announce the Gasconade County R-2 closing, school will be in session that day.  Please do not call the school or the administration.




      Students may obtain a request form at the Principal's office if they wish to bring a guest to any school dance.  Middle school and grade school children (grades 1-8) will not be permitted to attend as guests.  Invited guests will be required to show proof of graduation or proof of attendance with good citizenship at another school.   Students who have dropped out of school and have obtained a GED will not be allowed to attend school dances.




                School lockers are the property of the school and are provided for convenience of students and, as such, are subject to periodic inspection without notice.  The lockers may be subject to search by school administration for a variety of reasons including:  drugs, alcohol, stolen properties, weapons, or other items posing a danger to students or school employees.

                Students may be requested to submit voluntary personal searches.  Students who refuse to submit to a voluntary search may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

                Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not right.  The school retains the authority to conduct routine patrols of the student parking lots.  The interior of a student's automobile on school premises may be searched if the school authority has reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal, unauthorized or contraband items are contained inside.





                A comprehensive semester exam will be given at the end of each semester in all courses.  The semester exam may count for up to 10% of the student's semester grade.  Every student will complete a semester exam in each course.  There will be no exemptions from taking semester exams.  Graduating seniors will not be required to take a semester exam for their 8th semester of high school.




              Any student who becomes ill while attending school MUST REPORT TO THE SCHOOL NURSE OR TO THE OFFICE. The office will notify parents and record any needed data.  Any emergency requiring first aid should be reported to the office.  If the nurse is not present, students must notify the counselor's secretary before going to the nurse's office.  Students will not be sent home unless parents are there to care for them.  Students who leave school with out first obtaining permission from the school nurse or the office and signing out will be considered truant.




                Good sportsmanship is something everyone should model and encourage.  Being a gracious winner as well as a good loser sets some people apart from the crowd.


                                                                A Spectator's Code of Ethics


                1.             Be cooperative and show good sportsmanship at all times.

                2.             Respect the referee's decisions.

                3.             Never "Boo" - even though you do not agree.

                4.             Be courteous to visiting teams and coaches.

                5.             Refrain from using profane language, remember what comes from your mouth tells visiting teams and spectators just what kind of person you are and you represent your team and school.

                6.             Be as quiet as possible during free throws at basketball games.

                7.             Be graceful losers as well as graceful winners.

8.                    Respect the property of the local school.


Failure to abide by the above ethics could cause suspension from future games or school.




                The student council endeavors to:  develop attitudes for the practice of good citizenship; promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school; improve student-teacher relations; improve school morale; assist in the management of the school; provide a forum for student expression; provide orderly direction of school activities; assist in handling of school affairs; and promote the general welfare of the school.

                Each class shall elect three representatives at-large to serve on the student council.  Each club and organization will elect one student as a student council representative.  These students will provide a link between the administration, faculty and student body, as well as offering the opportunity to practice the democratic process of electing representatives in the area of policy making.




1.             Plan your day around your time for study.

2.             Make sure there are no distractions in the place you study.

3.             Have regular habits as to where and when you study.

4.             Set a deadline for doing things.

5.             Do your own work whenever possible - get help only when it is absolutely necessary.

6.             Attempt to answer every question in class, even if only to yourself.

7.             Review all material at least once, concentrating on unfamiliar parts, before an examination.

8.             Make up back work as soon as possible.

9.             Hunt for key words, phrases, or sentences.  Strive to excel, not just "get by".





Tardiness – is any unexcused absence from a class when it starts.  Students are expected to be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.  Tardiness of twenty minutes or more is considered an absence.  Tardies will be used in determining student attendance in accordance with this Academic Attendance Policy.  For the purpose of determining attendance, six (6) tardies accumulated in a semester will be equal to one (1) day of absence.  Tardies are cumulative, not in each individual class.  Students will serve time in night school for excessive tardies.

     Consequences for being excessively tardy to class will be assigned according to the following guidelines:


6th TARDY to any class during the semester:               Two nights of alternative school must be scheduled by the student with the attendance secretary.  Failure to make up time during night school will result in credit being withheld.


Each Additional TARDY:                   Two nights of alternative school must be scheduled by the student with the attendance secretary.  Failure to make up time during night school will result in credit being withheld.




                Parents should call students at school only in an emergency.  Students will not be called to the telephone for calls of any kind.  Important messages will be taken and conveyed to students when possible.

                In case students need to make a call, there is a pay phone in the building.  Students must obtain permission from their teacher and the office to use the pay phone.  Cell phones including the use of text messaging are NOT to be used without prior permission from the high school administration. 

                Students will not be allowed to use office telephones for personal calls, other than an emergency.  The pay phone may be used only when permission has been obtained.  No telephone usage (cell phone or payphone) will be permitted during or between classes without a pass from a teacher and permission from the office. All students must log their calls in the office. 




                                8:00 a.m.                                                 Teachers' duty time

                                8:20 a.m.                                                 1st Bell (warning)

                                8:25 a.m.                                                 1st Period Begins

                                9:13 a.m.                                                 1st Period  Ends

                                9:18 a.m.                                                 2nd Period Begins

                                10:06 a.m.                                               2nd Period Ends

                                10:11 a.m.                                               3rd Period Begins

                                10:59 a.m.                                               3rd Period Ends

                                11:04 a.m.                                               1st Lunch Shift Begins

                                                                                                4th Period Begins for 2 & 3 Shift

                                11:30 a.m.                                               1st Lunch Shift Ends

                                                                                                4th Period Begins for 1st Shift

                                                                                                2nd Lunch Shift Begins

                                11:57 p.m.                                               2nd Lunch Shift Ends

                                                                                                3rd Lunch Shift Begins

                                12:24 p.m.                                               3rd Lunch Shift Ends

                                                                                                4th Period Ends

                                12:29 p.m.                                               5th Period Begins

                                 1:16 p.m.                                                5th Period Ends

                                 1:21 p.m.                                                6th Period Begins

                                 2:08 p.m.                                                6th Period Ends

                                 2:13 p.m.                                                7th Period Begins

                                 3:00 p.m.                                                Channel One begins

                                 3:16 p.m.                                                7th Period Ends

                                 3:30 p.m.                                                Teachers Leave




                No visitors are permitted.



(Adopted January 1997)




It is the belief of the Gasconade County R-2 School District that a Weighted Grade Scale will motivate students to enroll in advanced courses.  A weighted grade scale will recognize students who have challenged themselves academically. As a result, students will be better prepared to continue their education after high school.


Weighted Courses


Language Arts                 Honors English III, College Prep English, English Composition

Mathematics                     Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Science                              Chemistry II, Physics, Anatomy/Physiology, Biology II

Social Studies                  Advanced American History

Other                                 Accounting II


Rules, Procedures, and Implementation


1.             In order to receive weighted credit, a student must earn a grade of "C" or higher for each semester in a weighted course.

2.             The grade point average will be computed on a 4.00 scale.  Students who earn at least a grade of "C" in a weighted course will receive an additional point added for each semester of credit earned.


Example:                             Non-Weighted Course                                            Weighted Course

                                            A=                               4.0                                                                          5.0

                                            B=                               3.0                                                                          4.0

                                            C=                               2.0                                                                          3.0


3.             The class rank will be determined by the weighted G.P.A.

4.             As the curriculum changes and new courses are offered, there may be a need to add weighted courses or make changes to the initial group of weighted courses.  It will be the responsibility of the administration and faculty to re-evaluate on a yearly basis.

5.             Weighted grades will be used to determine the valedictorian and salutatorian.  The weighted grade scale and the non-weighted grade scale will be used to determine the Local Certificate of Achievement.




     The Gasconade County R-2 High School has several local scholarships that are presented to members of the senior class each year.  The R-2 District has had the good fortune of having several patrons, businesses, and organizations generously establish scholarship programs at the R-2 High School.

     All announcements concerning the scholarships will be in the daily school bulletin.  It is very important for senior students to listen attentively to the daily bulletin.  The High School Counseling Department is responsible for administering the scholarship program.  Scholarship information will also be published monthly in “Scholarship Alert” which is available in the Guidance Office.




     One application is used for all local scholarships.  This application will be available in January.  All senior parents and students will be invited to attend a Financial Aid & Scholarship Night to receive local scholarship information.

     The number of local scholarships awarded and the monetary values of scholarships may change due to interest rates, the money market, and/or the general financial status of the local scholarship funds.

     There may be other scholarship opportunities available.  Seniors should listen to the daily bulletin and check the counselor's office bulletin board.  See your counselor for further information.




The Gasconade County R-2 High School is a designated A+ School.  Graduates who meet A+ requirements are eligible for two years of tuition and common fees from any Missouri public community college, vocational school, or technical school. *


v      Attend a designated A+ school for three consecutive years

v      Maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average at graduation

v      High School attendance record of 95%

v      Tutored other students for a minimum of 50 hours

v      Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoided the unlawful use of drugs

v      Enroll and attend on a full-time basis, a Missouri public community college or technical school and maintain a 2.5 grade point average

v      Apply for all available federal financial assistance funds that do not require repayment


The student financial incentive will be available for a period of four years after high school graduation.  To maintain eligibility during that time, each participating student must enroll and attend a Missouri public community college or vocational-technical school on a full-time basis and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.


*While there is no reason to believe that the A+ program will not continue, funding and rule changes to the A+ program are under the governance of the Missouri Legislature and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.



The first step in participating in the A+ Schools Student Incentive Program is for the student and parent to read and sign the A+ School Contract.   You may obtain a copy from the A+ Office.  The student must turn this contract in to the A+ coordinator.  The A+ coordinator will establish an A+ Schools file for the student.  Documentation of A+ activities will be kept in this file.


Disclaimers and Precautions:  Official A+ Designation status was established in the spring of 2002.  Tuition reimbursement is dependent upon state funding and is not the responsibility of the Gasconade County R-2 School District.  Eligible students must apply for federal and/or state non-repayable sources of financial aid (Free application for federal student aid- FAFSA) before taking advantage of A+ monies.  Students who violate school discipline and/or use drugs/alcohol will forfeit their A+ tuition reimbursement.




A+ students must enroll in and attend an A+ designated school for three (3) consecutive years prior to graduation.  In order to meet this requirement, the following criteria must be met:






The A+ Student must graduate with a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on a scale of 4.00.  Additional statements to clarify A+ School policy on grade point average are listed below.





The following guidelines and procedures will be in effect when certifying that the A+ Student has met the required 95% attendance rate for four years:






An A+ Student must perform 50 hours of unpaid tutoring/mentoring for younger students.  Listed below are the A+ Schools guidelines for tutoring/mentoring.


  1. All tutoring must be pre-approved by the A+ Schools Coordinator.
  2. All tutoring must be school sponsored in the Gasconade County R-2 School District.
  3. The school official or supervising teacher in charge of the tutoring activity must sign all official log sheets.
  4. Tutoring hours may be completed in one or more of the following activities;
    1. Summer School
    2. Before or after school tutoring (elementary or middle school At-risk Programs)
    3. During School Day at OMS, K-2, or 3-5.  (must be scheduled through the A+ office and student must provide own transportation) (11th & 12th only)
  5. Unless specific permission is given by the A+ Schools Coordinator, all tutoring must be done on school premises.
  6. A+ Students must participate in training provided by the school before beginning the tutoring.
  7. The A+ Student or the sponsoring school may terminate the tutoring experience with the permission of the A+ Schools Coordinator.
  8. Students are expected to be present at the agreed upon day and time for tutoring.
  9. If an absence occurs, the A+ Student is expected to notify the adult in charge of the A+ tutoring experience. Notification should be as soon as the student knows he/she cannot attend the tutoring at the designated time.
  10. Students who tutor during the day at the elementary or middle schools must have written parental permission in order to drive to the elementary school from the high school.




Students who sign an agreement for A+ tuition reimbursement must maintain good citizenship during the contract time.  Special cases outside the contract time involving serious violations will be subject to review.

Students who violate the District Drug/Alcohol/Substance Abuse Policy during the A+ contract time will automatically be referred to the Citizenship Review Committee for further action.

The A+ Citizenship Review Committee will consist of the principal, A+ coordinator, guidance counselor, two teachers, non-school employee and a school staff member selected by the student.  The principal and designated committee will review other violations of the District Discipline Policy each semester using the following guidelines.


1.      Any violation committed by a student under contract, which involves an out-of-school suspension will be automatic probation status.

  1. Any violation committed by a student under contract, which involves poor behavior, disrespect, profanity, dishonesty, etc., will be reviewed.
  2. Any student under contract who receives two (2) or more discipline referrals a semester will be reviewed.
  3. Any student, who receives 10 tardies or more in a semester, automatically is placed on a warning status.
  4. A subsequent semester with no violations will remove a particular status
  5. Two probationary semesters in a row will result in removal from the A+ program.


Upon review on each individual case, principal and committee will respond in one of the following actions.


  1. Good Citizenship – No action taken
  2. Warning – A written warning statement will be issued to the student and his/her parents/guardians.
  3. Probation – Student is placed on probation for the next semester and automatic review at the end of that semester.  Parent/guardian is notified by letter.
  4. Removal From A+ Program – Written notification will be sent by certified mail to the parent/guardians. 

Any appeals must be made within 15 working days of written notification.