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A lifetime membership costs $100 and is payable in either one lump sum or in four annual installments of $25. This money goes directly into the scholarship fund and will be used to fund scholarships. Alumni Association members are invited to all meetings and receive the annual newsletter.




Contributions of any amount are always welcome and can be directed to the operating fund to fund current scholarships or to the endowment fund where the income funds future scholarships.


Contributions may also be of an amount to fund specific purposes. For example:


        one scholarship for one year ($1,500)


The following options could be named for an individual or as a memorial:


        a scholarship for two years to a technical school or junior college ($2,400)


        a scholarship for four years to a four year university ($4,800)


        an endowment of a two year scholarship to be given every two years or a four year scholarship to be given every four years ($15,000)


        An endowment of a two year scholarship to be given every year ($30,000)


        An endowment of a four year scholarship to be given every year ($60,000).


Although most gifts come from individuals, some classes as they approach a special anniversary (10, 25, 50, etc.) are using the opportunity to fund a full or partial scholarship as a class project.




What better way to be remembered than by providing an educational opportunity to the next generation. Many alumni are making the Alumni Association scholarship program a part of their estate plan. As scholarships can be set up as a memorial, it becomes an annual remembrance of an individual or family.


NOTE: For illustration purposes, all endowment incomes were based on an assumed rate of 8%.



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