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Gasconade County R-2 High School

Graduation Requirements

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (Classes of 2010, 2011, 2012)

 In order to receive a high school diploma, each student is required to complete and pass a course of study, which includes a minimum of 24 credits in the following subject areas:

*Credits                                                         Courses

 4                                             Communication Arts--English I, English II, & English III required

3                                             Mathematics

3                                             Science--Physical Science & Biology I required

3                                             Social Studies--American History, World History & Government Studies

1                                             Fine Art (vocal and instrumental music or art)

1                                             Physical Education

.5                                            Health

.5                                            Personal Finance

1                                             Practical Art (any Home Economics, Vocational Agriculture, Industrial Art, Business, or Rolla Vo-Tech course)

7                                             Elective Courses


24                                         Total Credits for Graduation

*Credit - refers to a credit hour, which represents 1 hour per day for an entire school year.

(Ex. biology class, which meets every day for a full year, is 1 credit)

Seniors will be required to have completed the required courses as outlined above and in addition must pass not less than 5 units of credit their senior year from a balanced program selected from the areas of Communication Skills, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Fine Arts, Practical Arts, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. NOT LESS THAN 5 UNITS OF CREDIT MUST BE EARNED THE SENIOR YEAR unless an alternative program has been approved. Students may earn up to two units of credit through summer school and/or approved correspondence courses.        


It shall be a policy of the Gasconade County R-2 Board of Education that no student be permitted to participate in commencement ceremonies unless it has been determined by the principal's office that the student has successfully earned 24 units of credit prior to those ceremonies. Students may order items (cap & gown, announcements, etc.) prior to graduation but must have successfully earned 24 units of credit before being permitted to attend the ceremonies stated above. All attendance and tardy make-up time must be completed prior to graduation ceremonies. Correspondence courses must be completed by the second Friday in May in order to participate in the commencement ceremony.

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